Software update with surround sound fix begins rolling out for 2nd-Gen Fire TV

As promised, Amazon has started rolling out a sotware update for the 2nd-gen Fire TV that fixes the missing surround sound issue in third-party apps. The new software version number is (531006420) and has appeared on Amazon’s source code page. Reddit user charveyunm has received the update and says it restored surround sound in Netflix, HBO GO, and Kodi. Remember, the update rolls out slowly at first, so it may be a few days before your specific Fire TV receives the update. Let me know in the comments if you notice any other bug fixes or improvements once you receive this update.


10/11 3:40am Amazon is telling customers that this update fixes Dolby Digital Plus issues, and that an update for Dolby Digital will arrive on November 30th.

“By this coming Monday, October 12th, you will receive an automatic software update that enables Dolby Digital Plus for customers who have a Dolby Digital Plus system (including support for Netflix and Amazon Video). An update for older Dolby Digital systems (not Dolby Digital Plus) will be distributed on November 30th.” -Amazon

  1. Ian Sutherland says:

    Take From Amazons help Contact Us,

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    Amazon Fire TV

    Select an issue
    Screen and Audio Issues

    Did You Know?
    By this coming Monday, October 12th, you will receive an automatic software update that enables Dolby Digital Plus for customers who have a Dolby Digital Plus system (including support for Netflix and Amazon Video). An update for older Dolby Digital systems (not Dolby Digital Plus) will be distributed on November 30th.
    To learn more about your Amazon Fire TV device and accessories, visit our help pages at You can also find Amazon Fire TV help videos at, and the Amazon Fire TV User’s Guides at

  2. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    I hope that in this update, Amazon has also included some patch, or perhaps a New firmware for the WIFI remote, to correct once and for all the annoying problems with the remote of the Fire-TV (2nd Gen)…

  3. dkuehn says:

    I could solve the remote issue by changing the wifi channel of my router.
    took me some days to figure it out

  4. John says:

    Any ideas when os 5 is coming to the first gen fire tv?

    Thanks, John

  5. Robert says:

    got the update tthis morning.
    Netflix still is only 2.0,
    Kodi still not working(only stereo sources)
    Senseless update so far. Dissapointing.

  6. Mark says:

    Robert…you have to restart the FireTV for the changes to take effect.

  7. Bill says:

    After installing the update, I rechecked the Kodi audio problem (muting all audio until volume is reset manually and remuting after playing videos with certain audio codec).

    The audio is not muting nor re-muting on startup or the previously affected videos. So, it looks like Kodi was detecting a fault/limitation in the AFTV2 and representing what it thought was correct. Restarting seems to remain correct, so it looks like the update fixed my problem.

    Working on this problem has made me curious about something else, however. I noticed that on my new and old AFTV, passthrough is disabled in Kodi. So, I wonder whether Dolby has indeed been fixed. I’m currently using 2.1 through my new UHDTV, so not sure how to properly evalulate the output. If anyone knows how to check this, I’d still like to know.

    But the update definitely fixed one big problem.

  8. Nate says:

    Has anyone had any luck getting an xbox360 wireless receiver/controller working with this new AFTV? Mine doesn’t seem to connect (it works perfectly in windows).

  9. Ukie Man says:

    Fire TV 2 Running KODI 16 ALPHA4 using HDMI and Pioneer SC81. KODI Audio output – Number of chennals 7.1 , Suport 8 chennal DTS-HD audio decoding – ON, Enable passthrough – OFF. Pioneer is geting all Aoudi AS PCM. DTS, DTS-HD 7.1, DD, DD+ TrueHD,

    • Dragon says:

      Very similar setup to me Ukie Man. FTV v2 running, Kodi 15 rc3, Onkyo 828 with 7.1 speaker array. I am getting the same results

  10. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    I just got the update on my Fire-TV (2nd Gen).

    But, after checking the Amazon Fire TV Device Software Updates, I got the following message:

    “We have a new, free software update available for your Amazon Fire TV device. Software updates automatically download and install on your Amazon Fire TV device when connected wirelessly.”

    Latest Software Version:

    However, As I said before, the update that has installed automatically is and not!

    I am missing something?

  11. Ian Sutherland says:

    This Update Kills Kodi, move to sd,

  12. Dave the Mainiac says:

    I called Amazon support about this on 10/9 and again on 10/10. I was not getting Dolby Digital 5.1 or 5.1+ on the 2nd gen Fire TV via HDMI for any content, even Amazon Videos I own (My Library) or watching via Prime. I am only getting stereo.

    Amazingly the techs I talked to had no idea and made no mention of any software updates. All they could do was walk me through settings>Display and Sounds and had me make sure I had Dolby Digital plus over HDMI activated which already was of course. They wanted me to try a new cable, and try plugging the AFTV directly in the TV. What? How is that going to help. Plug it into a TV and listen via two tinny tv speakers.

    Their helpdesk manned by supposed Fire TV experts are clueless. They had no idea there is a fix in the works as no mention was made to this fact. The best they could do was tell me to box it back up and send it back. I will do exactly that if the software update doesn’t fix the problem and go back to the first gen model or get the new Roku 4.

    I hope to see I’ve received the update today when I get home from work and that it’s solved the problem.

    Thanks Elias for keeping us informed. You are a much better source of information than Amazon themselves

    • Dave D says:

      Update: Checking to see if I received the latest and I have. Dolby digital 5.1+ is working for Amazon Videos and Netflix. Yaaaaa! Now I can sell my 1st gen model on Amazon Marketplace.

  13. Drainsurgeon says:

    FTV2 update did not fix my audio issues, works fine on first gen fire tv have already returned one per amazon……… Hope they get fixes soon also remote keeps saying new remote connected Smh

  14. Edgar R. says:

    DTS/surround still broken on Kodi. This makes me a sad panda.

  15. Dustin says:

    After a short lived issue with remote pairing I am happy to say that my FTV2 is amazing. Love it. What an upgrade.

  16. Chris wolfe says:

    I can confirm that kodi and dtsHD audio working on my system using passthrough. 7.1 channel.

    • Chris wolfe says:

      Just updated earlier today. Every audio I’ve thrown at it has been decoded through my Onkyo reciever.

      • Chris wolfe says:

        Also last thing, 4k video files play without any stutter. I have a bunch saved on my laptop being streamed through kodi using upnp. Super clear as it should be expected…

      • KLC says:

        I wish I were in your shoes, I have a similar set up and can’t get it to work. Pass thru gives me gibberish.

  17. Drainsurgeon says:

    Have found another issue picture changes from color to black and white back and forth

  18. Bob says:

    Anyone having an issue with sound being out of sync? The only way to fix it is to change to video quality setting to 720p 60hz on the FTV2. I’m connected via cat5e. Any ideas???

  19. Jay says:

    Got new ftv 2 and updated software.kodi only show multi channel in on receiver when passthrough and speakers set to 7.1. All other configuration give static or sterep sound.

    Plex gives same results multi channel in with default setup.

    It’s surround sound but does not decode properly on receiver

  20. Jay says:

    Does anyone know how to get ikono tv app to launch kodi from home screen on new ftv2? Classic tv is app is gone

  21. HeyRadar says:

    I have a new problem. I just got a AFTV 2015, and the sound volume is much lower than my AFTV Stick.

    With my Soundbar volume at max, I watched the same Prime videos and YouTube videos on both devices, and used my phone decibel meter to measure the volume.

    – The AFTV 2015, would MAX out at 82 decibels.
    – The AFTV Stick, would MAX out at 89 decibels.
    – Roku Stick, would MAX out at 89 decibels (for comparison)

    So the Stick is much louder than the new AFTV 2015. Also that was the maximum, where typical volume, such as talking, will be much lower.

    I’ve tried messing with the Dolby sound settings, but nothing helps. Only getting 82 decibels at max volume isn’t that loud. Most of the voices range in the 60-70 db range, with my soundbar at max volume.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Are there any hidden volume controls?

  22. Jay says:

    Just discovered new receivers with hdcp2.2 play surround sound on all wrong channels with 2nd gen ftv. When u switch it to older hdmi port that’s not hdcp2.2 for 4k. The channels are corrected. Amazon really screwed this up….

  23. Elliot says:

    Did people manage to get dts and Dolby digital 5.1 (not plus) working on Kodi and plex. My Sammy doesn’t seem to detect any Dolby digital coming through, would be so much easier with a separate optical out

  24. Adam says:

    My Pioneer Elite receiver supports DD+ and I’m still having audio issues using Netfix with some shows. No sound! I went back to my generation one (1) Fire TV box.

  25. Steve says:

    Has anybody got Dolby digital or 5.1 working on Kodi yet?yet on the FTV4k?

    I’m running latest ftv and Kodi software but can still only get dolby pro-logic.

    If somebody can share their ftv and Kodi audio settings I would be very grateful.

  26. Angie Robinson says:

    Hi can anyone help with my sound issue with Amazon Fire tv & kodi?? Lots of info on here regarding different sound outputs but a lot of its gobbledy gook to me! If anyone can help in layman terms that would be great? Only just bought Amazon fire box so I assume it’s the latest software. Sound works for Amazon but once I go into Kodi, no sound. I did get it working for a while (no idea why it started working I didn’t change any settings!) but it’s stopped again. I have a Panasonic LCD TV approx 3 years old & a pioneer sound bar with sub woofer (1 year old) connected by hdmi. Can’t get sound through either the tv or the sound bar. If anyone can help with the audio settings in kodi, would be much appreciated.

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