Software update rolls out to the Amazon Fire TV Cube

A new software update has started rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Cube. The software version number of the update is still, but the build value has been changed to NS6221/1326. Amazon’s update page says this update contains “general improvements and bug fixes.” That is to be expected since the first batch of updates after a new device is released are usually fixing issues that were missed during Amazon’s internal testing. This is the third Fire TV Cube software update that has been released since it launched.

The Fire TV Cube shipped with an unknown software version from the factory. It’s unknown because, as is usually the case, the Fire TV Cube already had a software update released on launch day, which it installed during its initial setup process. That first software update was version NS6221/1322.

On June 22, the day after the Fire TV Cube was released, a second software update began rolling out. That software update was version NS6221/1323. That is the software version the Fire TV Cube has been on ever since, until this latest update that just began rolling out.

It’s unknown what issues these updates have fixed, but it has become commonplace to expect a string of software updates like this just after a new device is released. If you notice any changes or fixes with this latest Fire TV Cube software version, let everyone know about them in the comments below.

  1. BobR says:

    Netflix autoplay seems to have stopped after the latest update which is great.

  2. clocks says:

    Elias – Which FTV device do you use as your main device? A FTV2 or 3? After using the FTV3 cube for about a week, I don’t noticed much of a performance disadvantage vs my FTV2s. But maybe the apps I use are not that heavy.

    But I find I have little use for the Echo portion and don’t like that 0.5gb of ram is reserved for it, so I may get rid of the cube and go with the cheaper pendant.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The progression of my main Fire TV model has been:
      Fire TV 1 > Fire TV Stick 1 > Fire TV 1 > Fire TV 2 > Fire TV Stick 2 > Fire TV 2 > Element Fire TV Edition Television > Fire TV 3 > Element Fire TV Edition Television > Fire TV Cube

      I always switch to using the newest model, even if its inferior, as my main daily device so that I can get a good feel of what it’s like living with it daily. I’ll then revert back to the superior device, if applicable, after a few weeks. The boxes are obviously superior to the sticks, so those always reverted. The Fire TV 3 didn’t offer anything over my Fire TV Edition television and I lost easy tuner access, so I reverted back. The Fire TV Cube will very likely permanently replace the Fire TV Edition Television as my main device because of the hands-free improvements and universal remote capabilities.

      BTW, it’s not RAM that you sacrifice for the Cube’s Alexa usage. It’s CPU. And it’s only 6% utilization that you lose, so it’s absolutely not noticeable. If you’re not planning to use the Hands-free, IR capabilities, or HDR of the Cube, then stick with the Fire TV 2.

      • clocks says:

        I thought 0.5gb of ram is also reserved for Alexa, since only 1.5gb shows up in MRMC.

        • AFTVnews says:

          Some SoCs split the RAM into CPU RAM and GPU RAM. The Cube, and other Fire TVs, do this and report 1.5GB CPU RAM and 512MB GPU RAM. It’s just a reporting glitch and not actually split up. All 2GB is available to the CPU if needed.

    • BobR says:

      I assumed the 0.5 GB RAM was reserved for the GPU. My FTV1 does show the full 2 GB. My cube uses 80% of the 1.45 GB it shows available after normal usage. It seems slower when RAM usage is higher

  3. sean says:

    hope it fixes some of the external IR problems with my devices. It keeps turning off things I what on…visa versa. Buggy on the IR side…the main reason I got it.

    • Dave says:

      This. I suspect that the IR problems will ultimately be the reason for the demise of the cube. It took Logitech many years of tweaking and refinement of the Harmony remotes to finally produce a winning product. We knew Amazon wasn’t going to be able to hit a home run out of the park on their first try.

    • drewb0y says:

      Yeah I was super excited by the idea of turning on and off living room lights. Turning off TV works great, but when I installed some alexa enabled outlets, not so much. I can tell Alexa on my phone to turn off the lights and it just works. If I tell Alexa Cube turn off the lights, it turns off the TV and even cuts it’s own voice response off. I’ve tried different names for the group and everything. I guess at least I can do it from my phone now.

  4. Tom says:

    You mean they tested it before they released it? Oh my!!

    Very buggy, Lots of issues. I sure cant wait for it to get better.

    Also, I DO notice major performance disadvantages from my FTV2’s.
    Cube is very laggy, spends much more time loading. Have to wait for data to populate within the apps where I dont on my FTV2’s

  5. Nick M. says:

    I use an AFTV2 in my den and a Cube in my living room where we normally watch. The cube is the only echo device I own, of which I love and use permanently in replace of my TV remote which I’ve put away permanently.

    My one concern is on the den FTV2, if I activate Alexa on the remote via the microphone button and give a command like “TV off” Alexa turns the TV connected to my cube in the living room off instead. Yes I am careful not to say “Alexa” and definitely using the correct remot3. Both rooms have a Samsung smart TV with anynet cec tech embedded. Anyone else have this issue or a recommendation to resolve it?

    • Nick M. says:


      • Tom says:

        Yea, Well, Happens to many. I think that the Alexa Echo system thinks that the Cube is the one that was built to control the TV, so it issues the Control Command via the Cube box, and not Other Fire Devices. With the Other Fire TV devices, the voice control is meant to control the Fire TV Box itself, and not actually the TV device. I think that is how it gets confused and sends the command over to the Cube to execute.

        • Nick says:

          Ok cool I’m just glad to know it’s not something I have incorrectly established in the settings. Thanks for this!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the info!

      • Charlie says:

        Wonder if are we any closer to an OS update for the FTV2 now that the Cube is out running Android 7.0?

        • Tom says:

          We will loose some apps when / IF they do update it. there are several apps and features that are available on FTV 2 that are not on FTV 3 or Cube.
          Loose Screen Mirroring as a feature. and there are some apps, that are no longer compatible once you go up to the updated OS either.

          • clocks says:

            I would miss being able to use Apps2fire for side loading, as I still find that the easiest way to side load.

          • Tom says:

            Apps2Fire is one of the ones that I cant get to work on the cube. It gives you a ADB Key error when attempting to use on the Cube.

          • clocks says:

            That’s because it is not compatible with the newer Amazon OS that is on the pendant and cube. I think Amazon did something to block or break it’s functionality, and I don’t think the dev ever found a way around it.

          • Tom says:

            Yes, that was my point. that if they updated the Fire TV 2’s, that we would loose features and some app compatibility, with the Aps2fire being one of them.

          • AFTVnews says:

            I’ve never used Apps2fire, but it sounds like it’s not properly asking for ADB permission. Android rightfully changed it so that you had to approve ADB connections on the device itself. Fire OS 6 adopted this change since it uses Android 7 as a base. It’s a welcomed change because it makes that virus that was going around not an issue for Fire TVs. Apps2fire might just need to figure out the right way of asking for ADB access on newer versions of Android.

          • King Nothing says:

            I can’t tell anything about the situation on the Cube, but Apps2Fire works fine on the Fire TV 3 pendant. As Elias pointed out there is some additional security layer for remote connections over ADB on Fire OS 6. So when the app tries to connect to the FTV3, a security prompt shows up on the TV that asks if you want to allow the connection. If you do, Apps2Fire is able to connect to my FTV3 just fine and everything works as expected.

            If this doesn’t happen on the Cube, maybe it’s worth trying to toggle ADB off and on on the device and/or checking if the app is trying to connect to the wright IP adress. The Mouse Toggle app also needs ADB turned on and shows the same security prompts when pushing/installing the app on the Fire TV 3. These prompts should also appear on the Cube. ADB key error sounds like Apps2Fire is sending out a wrong key to the device. Do you also own a Fire TV 3 pendant and already paired the app with it? If so, maybe deleting cache and data of the Apps2Fire app on your mobile device and trying to pair with the Cube again afterwards may do the trick. Hope this helps.

          • clocks says:

            It never used to, but maybe a recent Amazon update fixed it. The dev note from the Play Store.

            The latest Amazon update for the Fire TV 4K (newest 3rd gen model) did break the connectivity between Apps2Fire and the Fire TV. This affects only the latest update to Fire OS on the new Fire TV 4K. Even the first version of Fire TV 4K 3rd gen worked and other Fire TV’s like Fire TV stick or Fire TV Box (1st & 2nd gen) still work fine.

            At the moment I’m investigating what changed on Amazon Fire TV 4K with the latest update to Fire OS Bad Reviews with one star will not speed up this process :-) Thanks and happy 2018 to everyone !”

          • King Nothing says:

            I’m so sorry. You are right. I mixed up “Apps2Fire” with “Easy Fire Tools”. That’s the app I use.


            I think it can do everything that Apps2Fire does, but has already implemented the new ADB security feature right so it works without issues on Fire OS 6 devices.

            Sorry once again for creating confusion. I know I tried out both of them and was sure I’m using Apps2Fire. I guess I’m really getting old. :(

          • King Nothing says:

            I’m sorry. Please forget everything I wrote about “Apps2Fire”. I confused it with “Easy Fire Tools”. That’s the app I use.

            I think it can do everything that Apps2Fire does, but has already implemented the new ADB security feature right so it works without issues on Fire OS 6 devices.

            Here is the link if someone is looking for an alternative for Apps2Fire:


      • Charlie says:

        I attempted to install Apps2fire, which I have never used, on my FTV2’s yesterday and both were ineligible. Maybe if you have it working you better hang onto it.

        • Nick says:

          It’s not an app you install on ur AFTV, it’s an app you install on your android mobile device, and then in the settings link the mobile to the ftv via ip. Works flawlessly unless amazon is blocking it like on newer devices. It’s probably the most convenient way to sideload, but it is definitely not the only way. There are many other options, check out yourtube if you’re having trouble. I’m a full cord cutter on all 5 TVs in my home and have setup multiple devices for friends and family and there is definitely a far easier and more convenient way to install and update over using apps2fire.

  6. BobR says:

    After the update, I still have an issue where I play a song with the MrMC app on the Cube and then navigate to the Fire home screen which causes the music to stutter (unlistenable) as I navigate the home screen. It only plays the song properly when I’m in the MrMC app. Using the System X-Ray diagnostic shows all 4 processors are above 90% when this happens. This doesn’t happen on my Fire TV 1 or the Fire Stick 1 which only has 2 processors. Is anyone else seeing this?

    • clocks says:

      So far the only issue I have had with the Cube is sometimes after watching a video on SmartYoutubeTV, the screen goes black in the app. The only way to resolve it is to hit the home button to get back to the FTVs main screen, go into settings/apps, force stop SmartYoutubeTV, then restart it.

      • Phil says:

        I’ve noticed this in the Firefox “version” of YouTube. I finally switched to my Nexus player for YT on another input, rather than dealing with it on the Cube.

      • Dayton says:

        When the screen goes blank, I remove and reinsert the hdmi cable. This seems to solve the problem. I have no idea why.

      • Randy Reid says:

        You can also turn the TV off then back on. It seems the Cube thinks the TV is off so removing and reinserting the HDMI or turning the TV off then back on forces the Cube to change its mind about the TV being on or not.

        • clocks says:

          I think it has something to do with how SmartYoutubeTV blocks ads. I find it I hit he BACK button just before it get to the end up the video, then I don’t get the black screen. It wouldn’t surprise me if the issue gets fixed in an app update.

          That said, I am still debating switching all my TVs over to the Shield. Other than the lower price, not sure FTV does anything better than the Shield at the point in time.

          • Phil says:

            I have YT Premium, so ads aren’t an issue for me, unless where the ad “goes” (but doesn’t play) triggers this issue. I’m happy to blame Google, but the Android TV version is the web wrapper as well and doesn’t have the issue. I dunno; I’ll deal w/Nexus player for now.

      • Ruben Garcia says:

        I think is the smartyoutube tv app I’m having similar issues on the firtv2.

  7. Glen says:

    Does no one else have a problem with when you turn on your tv with the Cube it automatically switches to the Cube’s hdmi?

    I am a “cord cutter” and watch primarily OTA channels. When I turn my tv off, it is usually on OTA channels but when I ask the Cube to turn on my TV it changes my HDMI to my FireTV after a few seconds.

    Why can’t it just turn on the TV to whatever was on when it was turned off?

    • BobR says:

      I was thinking it may do that to confirm that the TV is on. I gave up using the Cube for power on/off since you have to power on each device individually. I just use a remote with a system “power on” button, and it turns everything on with the same input as the last time I turned it off. If Amazon adds a system power button to the remote and/or provides a way to say Alexa turn on/off the “system,” I may change back.

      • Tom says:

        For me, I have a Sound bar connected to my Tv, If I say turn on the TV, it turns on the TV, Sound bar, and sets the input to Fire tv. IF i say turn on the Apple Tv, it turns on Apple TV, Soundbar, and sets the proper HDMI port. same for Roku. The thing is, it does turn on the Sound bar as well. not just the TV.

        • BobR says:

          I also tried it in my room with an AVR and CEC-enabled gear, and it turned on the AVR automatically as you say, but it won’t turn on the cable box although it will switch to it.
          There is “a way” to enable turning on the cable box automatically when you switch to cable that I found in the detailed equipment menu for cable. Unfortunately, the Cube apparently then sends a “power on” command every time you tune to a channel. So, when you tell Alexa to tune to channel A it works great, turning on cable and switching inputs. Then when you tell Alexa to tune to channel B the cable box powers off (and so on) since it’s a power toggle. So sad, but I laughed. Maybe they can fix that one in software.

      • BobR says:

        As Chase notes below, you can now add the cube to a group using the Alexa app on your phone etc. This now allows me to say Alexa turn on/off Main Room and it turns on/off both my TV and cable box. It still won’t automatically turn on the cable box using tune to or switch to phrases so I need to say turn on first and it always starts on the Cube’s HDMI input

    • Tom says:

      If you simply say turn on my TV, then it will turn on and to the HDMI port. that is because it is just sending a “On” Signal and by default, the tv will go to the port that turned it on.

      With some TV’s, you can name the HDMI ports, so , if i say, turn on the Cable, it turns on the TV and goes to the HDMI port named Cable.

      U may find a key word, depending on how your OTA input is named, that will allow it to turn on and change to the OTA input.

      • Glen says:

        My OTA is just the antenna cable into the TV. There is no HDMI for OTA channels. If I just tell the cube to turn on my TV, it turns it on and changes the input to the Cube.

        I can tell it to then change to antenna input and it does but it’s kind of annoying to have to keep changing it back to OTA. It should just turn on the tv to whatever it was on when it was turned off. If I use the tv remote to turn on the TV, it doesn’t switch to my firetv, blu ray player, or anything else so why should the Cube do this?

        • Tom says:

          Try using the Command, ” Alexa, turn on the Antenna” and see if it will pick up on it and go straight to it.

          • Glen says:

            It does the same as “Turn on the TV.” It turns on the TV, my soundbar, and 2 seconds later it changes from OTA to the Firetv cube hdmi. No luck.

    • Hegemon says:

      As a side note you could get something like a HDHomeRun from SiliconDust to integrate your OTA television into the Fire TV to eliminate the need for switching all together.

      • Glen says:

        I have a Tablo that I got when I cut the cord 3-4 years ago. I usually only use it for the DVR. I think there’s better picture and sound quality straight from the antenna for live tv.
        It is just strange that Amazon makes the cube change to the cube when all you are wanting is a simple “turn on the tv” command.

        • Tom says:

          I think part of it is ,, a basic turn on command, causes the tv’s to go to the port that turned them on. all my devices, that are capable of turning on the TV, default to there home port. only if I tell the Cube to turn on another device, does it change to that port instead.

          • Hegemon says:

            Yeah it sounds like it may just be the nature of the CEC technology.

          • Glen says:

            It should not matter if it is turned on by IR I wouldn’t think. When my tv turns on it is on OTA channels for 2-3 seconds before switching to the cube.
            If it was using IR (which the cube claims) then it should be no different than using the POWER button on a universal remote. Is my thinking.

          • Tom says:

            Ahh,, there it is,, see,, the TV on command I think, is actually going through the HDMI cable / port. that is what pulls it to that port.

            You may try blocking the IR to see if the TV still comes on. u can also go into the settings and see what happens. It most likely uses the IR for some features on the TV, but the power one might still be via the HDMI port.
            Worth trying, u can set something over the IR to block it from working
            Then u would know if Power command is via ir, or HDMI port

          • Glen says:

            Covered up IR sensor of the tv and the cube cannot turn it on. Tried twice.

            It has to be all in the command Amazon sends with the ON command.

            Makes no sense why they would not just have it send an ON command like a universal remote does.

          • Tom says:

            Yup, you are correct, if it dont work with it covered, then its all IR,,, If you file a ticket on that with Amazon, that is something they can look into Altering or fixing if its a bug.

          • Glen says:

            I will try it again, the day it was released and I noticed the issue I did the “leave feedback” and requested a response from my feedback. I never heard a word back. I guess I might do as you suggest and actually try to submit a ticket this time. Thanks for your suggestions.

          • Glen says:

            I submitted a ticket, however I either found out how to do it or a workaround, not sure which. Under settings, Equipment Control, Manage Equipment, Fire TV Cube, TV Input– I selected Antenna. It says it is for watching Fire TV Cube but it does work for not changing inputs when the TV turns on.
            We will see what Amazon’s response to my ticket says.

    • ruben says:

      I think to avoid this you have to disable hdmi-cec settings so it does not change to the cubes a hdmi input

  8. Jim Carter says:

    HDHomeRun no longer works on the Cube (it’s fine on the Stick). I even uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. You can get a picture and see the channel lineup, but you can’t select a different channel without the app crashing.

  9. Chase Dixon says:

    I did notice with this update it will now allow you to place the FTV Cube into a group in the Alexa app. It was annoying when I first got the cube because it replaced the echo in my bedroom. With the echo I could just say turn off the lights and it would turn off just my bedroom lights. Day one it wasn’t possible for the cube, I had to specify the group. It works great now!

  10. joe carchedi says:

    third party apps now show up on main menu

  11. joe carchedi says:

    now if they can fix mouse toggle on cube

  12. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Good News…

    iostouchdev, the developer of the “Mouse Toggle for FireTV” has just released two days ago, in the Google-Play-Store, a New Version 1.11 of the application, that finally supports the New FireTV CUBE and FireTV Edition models!

    Now the Mouse Toggle application works perfectly on the new FireTV CUBE, and I would dare to say that it is much better and more accurate than before.

    Unfortunately the Mouse Toggle APP is not available from the Amazon APP Store, so you will have to buy it for $1.99 from the Google Play Store…

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thank you for letting us know. I’ll probably write a quick post about it later today.

      • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

        Elias, since you said that you will probably write today a quick publication about the latest v1.11 of the “Mouse Toggle for FireTV” application, that its developer quickly updated it a few days ago, just to make it compatible with the new FireTV CUBE…

        I would like to suggest, that Maybe you should also mention another very useful APP made by the same developer: “Sideloader for Fire TV”

  13. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    The actual price of the Mouse-Toggle app is $ 2.99

    Please excuse me the error in the price…

  14. Reflex says:

    Seem to be getting a crash in the settings app when I try to pair a new device, can’t even get to the part where it asks me what type of device (game controller or other). Anyone else seeing that?

  15. Tony says:

    Anyone else having a problem using the FireTV app with the Fire TV cube? My wife and I both have Galaxy S9’s. When using the Fire TV app to type things the “r” never types. It shows up on the phone, but not on the TV screen. We’ve tested the app with the Fire TV 3 and 2 and it works just fine.
    I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the Fire TV Cube and the app or some problem with the stock Samsung phone keyboard or what.

    • Tom says:

      I can reproduce the issue with a Samsung Note 8.

    • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      I decided to install and try the Amazon Fire TV Remote APP, on several of my cell phones and tablets, and I must say that it worked perfectly well with my FireTV CUBE!

      I had no problem typing the letter “r”, nor did I experience any type of failure with the cursors or typing other letters with the keyboard…

      So this problem that you are reporting is very strange.

  16. clocks says:

    I don’t think I have rec’d this update yet, but anyone else having issues with audio/video being out of sync? I have noticed this with both MRMC and PLEX. Never noticed it with my FTV2 boxes.

    • clocks says:

      I was looking at the reviews, and other people also have issues with out of sync sound, and/or low volume. I believe it is if you use a soundbar. I found if I disable Dolby Digital in the cubes audio menu, that it mostly resolves both these issues. I hope Amazon can get these sound issues resolved soon.

      • Nick M. says:

        I have noticed a couple of times where my Cube will glitch when trying to use the command “Alexa, Volume Up/Down” and instead of changing the volume by the increments I have preset to 10, its increasing by 1-2 lol.. I want to check the Dolby Digital audio settings when I get home to see if it will mess up anymore.. All this being said, my audio comes straight off my 65″, no sound bar or PA.

        • Tony says:

          I wish I could tell it the exact number. “Alexa, turn my volume up by 5”

          • clocks says:

            There is a setting for adjusting the default. Not sure if that helps.

          • drewb0y says:

            That actually works on my TV.

          • Nick M. says:

            I thought it was just me that thought defined intervals was silly.. I can see on a PA increasing defined numbers, because amplifiers tend to increase the ratio of volume adjustment, but on tv’s it sucks having to say “Alexa, volume up!” 6 times.. doesn’t give company the best impression of how awesome my new addition is.

  17. Jim says:

    My FTV Cube no longer changes channel on the satellite/Directv. It was working fine, I would say Alexa goto CBS, HGTV or any channel and it would change to the satellite and work. For the last 2 days it now says, I can’t do that on fire tv. I setup my equipment again, I can say switch to satellite, blue ray and all works. I do have 2 FTV sticks, a few dots, but when I talk to the cube it was working before. Now not so much. Anyone having this issue? I also refreshed channel line up and all that, do not know what has changed.

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