Software update for Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote improves thermal and power management


A new software update for the Fire TV Sticks with Voice Remote bundle is upon us. This update does not appear to be arriving on older Fire TV Sticks that were sold with non-voice remotes, since Amazon is still updating these two bundles separately. There seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in the version numbering of this software update. Amazon’s source code page lists this update as, yet the Fire TV Stick interface shows it to be version number, just like the previous version. Both the source code page and the device list the new “user” number as 535062420. Regardless of which version number is correct, this new update brings no new features. My source at Amazon tells me this update fixes a few minor bugs with Fire OS 5 on the Fire TV Stick and focuses primarily on improving thermal and power management. No word yet on when older Fire TV Sticks and the 1st-gen Fire TV will receive the upcoming update to Fire OS 5, but I’m told a 5.0.4 update is currently scheduled for early December, so hopefully that will go out to all Fire TV models.

  1. vulcan195 says:

    I hope they are going to keep their promise regarding AFTV2 update by Nov 30.

  2. AJD says:

    The settings.apk sideloaded app no longer seams to work on my new firestick with voice remote running OS – the app will open, but when any option is selected, it reverts back to the “managed applications” screen. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  3. VonMagum says:

    I have the FireTV Stick with Voice Remote and it tells me that is the latest (today is Dec 1st, 2015) so I don’t know who is getting that update, but it’s not me.

    I’ve noticed some apparent discrepancies between FireTV units as well, seemingly. I’ve been trying to get Kodi to play nice with the Android ProjectM Visualizer App and when I start it from my favorites menu in Kodi (launch Android App stuck to favorites), Kodi quits and ProjectM starts so I get no audio. Other people online are telling me their FireTV Sticks keep playing Kodi audio just fine under those circumstances (Amazon’s own Music Player and Pandora will keep playing with ProjectM running, though here). So I’m starting to wonder if the difference is the Voice Control version. I’ll have to ask them if they have the regular version.

  4. Donna says:

    Someone PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! help me!!! I went through the device part of the systems and factory reset the whole thing. Now my firestick is stuck on the pairing screen and it WILL NOT pair! I’ve done everything youtube has to offer and nothing is working!!!!

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