Software update is rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

A new software update is currently rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. The update carries software version and a build value of NS6263/2349. Amazon is already listing the new update on their Fire TV Device Software page and it’s only listed as the latest version for Fire TV Stick 4K, so it does not seem like other models will be receiving this new update at this time. I haven’t spotted any changes with this update yet, but please let everyone know in the comments below if you notice any changes after receiving the update.

  1. InIrons says:

    Well I was hoping it would fix the wonky pin/unpin apps sorting fiasco but no joy there. You still have to go through a stupid pin and pin to front exercise to sort the apps in the order you wish. I thought Amazon could do better since this was working previously on earlier releases, I just truly wonder on their development team sometimes, I think they have offshored this to folks who have never used a set top or over the top device.

  2. James says:

    I have the Cube and since they have allowed you do force and software update I have noticed every two or three days there has been updates to the software. They are usually small.

  3. David says:

    If you hokd down the home button to access settings it now has the addition of screen mirroring.

  4. David says:

    Screen mirroring seems to work fine here with both my phone and tablet.

    A little late to the party, but better late than never.

  5. Patrick says:


  6. Stefan says:

    I wrote You an email about the updates and screen mirror and live TV before You even posted. Thanks for ignoring.

  7. Allan says:

    Am still waiting an update for my newest PS4 dual shock controller to work on the 4k stick pairs up but won’t navigate guttered thx

  8. John says:

    When I click manage installed applications, it just does nothing but blip off the screen. No option to update apps. Cannot see them to clear cache etc.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Try restarting the device. If it persists, then you likely have an app installed that is causing issues. Your option is to factory reset or uninstall apps one-by-one to see if the issue goes away. If you’re familiar with ADB and shell, you can use “adb shell pm list” to view installed apps and clear caches by using “adb shell pm clear [package_name]”

  9. sayed ayyad says:

    i have problem when amazon fire tv (2)gen. update – it hang on black screen with amazon logo only i tray with remote control but i can not

    please your suport to download firmware amazon fire tv manual and show to me how to update and relife to amazon fire tv 2gen

  10. I was hoping they would ad back functionality of the amazon game controller I bought for no reason

  11. Al says:

    How do I fix the google play service error always pop up when I stream something so annoying thanks to who can help me

  12. Zakaria says:

    Hi team. I got new update after update my fire stick 4K keep restarting any can help me out there

    • James Courville says:

      Same issue with element fire tv… just keeps updating restarting updating restarting 10 hours now

  13. James Courville says:

    My 55 inch element fire tv seems to be stuck in an updating loop. It has been constantly updating for 10 hours now (overnight) called amazon got no help. They sent me to element who had me unplug and replug (which i had already done) when that didn’t work they said sorry your 1 year warranty ran out 2 months ago… you need a new tv because we cannot help you with no warranty! Any help here would be appreciated. Have you ever heard of this issue happening? Thank you for any and all advice.

    • James Courville says:

      Its been 60 hours now and my element fire tv is still stuck in an updating loop… Update, shut off, turn back on (blue screen with element logo) and then right back to update. Several phone calks with both Amazon and Element still has each of them blaming the other, and of course the tv is 14 months old and Element has niw resorted to the old “your television is now out of warranty”. I’m still hopeful but of course have purchased a new television in the meantime… this time the Toshiba Fire Tv, which I must say Ivdo like much more than the element. It looks as though this is just a freak thing that has only affected me. But I will be forever leary of hitting that “update now” button. If by chance this has happened to anyone else who has figured out a solution I’d be very grateful to hear from you… hopefully before garbage pickup day.

      • Ravi says:

        I’m having the same issue with my element fire tv edition also has anyone found a solution?

        • Jim says:

          Its been 8 days now that my element fire tv has been stuck in this “update loop” no error code just continuously updating. So far bith Amazon and Element have been absolutely useless. I have found on ither firums that this is happening to many others. I really wish that there were someone out there that could give some meaningful feedback on this issue.

  14. Simon Bendall says:

    They’ve done away with pinning apps, you can now move them and place them in any order you like. Basically updated the software back to how it original was! Otherwise known as reinventing the wheel!!!

  15. rodney henderson says:

    4k stick will not power tv on or off. everything else works including 3rd gen stick

  16. Steve says:

    What is the file size of the most recent FireTV Recast update? We are updating the Recast for the first time since installation and with our rural broadband it has taken more than two hours. FireTV app does not show a file size nor a progress meter, and I’m unable to tell if it had had an error. I suppose I will find out in the morning.

  17. janoo says:

    i cant control volume can this software can be help??

  18. tom says:

    my app have gone from the top how can i get then back?

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