Software update rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV 3

The Amazon Fire TV 3 is receiving a new software update. The update takes the latest version number from to It has a new build number of 6212/916. Amazon has now updated their Fire TV Software Page to list this new Fire TV 3 software version, as well as the new update that has been rolling out to all other Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition models.

Unfortunately, Amazon has only said that this update and the one for older devices include “general improvements and bug fixes” without giving any additional details. It’s still unclear what these updates have changed.

The developer of MrMC, the Kodi alternative media player app, has commented that this latest update restores the ability for apps to switch display settings. However, he says that a 24Hz option is no longer available, like it was in the past. The reintroduction of display switching could mean that Amazon is getting closer to releasing their own official support for refresh rate matching, which they’re calling Cinema Mode.

If you notice any changes with either this update for the Fire tv 3 or with the update for the other Fire TV models, please mention them in the comments below.

  1. 06MonteSS says:

    this update was actually out a couple days ago, that’s when my FireTV 3 updated… one thing I noticed right off the bat, is that audio does switch automatically now, it does not stay in hd/dolby audio all the time anymore.. it will switch based on content…

    • Mtenga says:

      That is correct and well received. DD+ always on regardless of content has been fixed.

      Staying in HDR mode after playing HDR material was fixed a few weeks so the box is now properly working to spec.

    • Dave says:

      Does this mean we can play DTS audio now? Or did it just add Dolby Digital Plus?

      • User says:

        It’s always supported DTS via IEC mode. I don’t know if this update fixes RAW mode to play DTS now instead of DD+ like it did for everything previously.

  2. 06MonteSS says:

    oh, and as for the display switching, I have noticed that it does NOT work/switch.. I still have to manually switch display resulution setting…

  3. Rich says:

    My fire stick when searching for updates does not find it and it is the 2nd gen.

  4. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    This new update has arrived only to my FireTV Stick 2nd Generation.

    But still waiting the update to my other FireTV units:

    -2 FireTV Stick 1st Gen

    -1 FireTV BOX, 1st Gen.

    -2 FireTV 4K BOX, 2nd Gen.

    As these updates always arrive very slowly, maybe they will arrive in the coming days.

  5. Lin says:

    I can not download anything on my fire tv stick. What can i do?
    Is this due to the update?

    • Rich Sohne says:

      I hit this problem a few days ago on a Fire TV 3. Finally had to remove all my devices under Manage Devices Online and all was well

  6. Rick says:

    Before the update I was having drop frames and stuttering on Hulu (on my fire TV 3). Now that has been solved, video is buttery smooth on Hulu.

  7. steve says:

    just did the update for my fire tv 3, now it keeps asking for usb debugging permissions about every minute. very annoying, the only way to get it to stop is to allow it. also when booting up, it no longer says “amazon fire tv”, it only says “fire tv” now.

  8. Jason Webb says:

    This update has caused the FireTV to only display on a 1/4 of the screen when first powered up. Tried a new Fire Tv and was fine before update applied itself. Oddly this only occurs if plugged into my AV reciever. Ok if plugged directly into TV. No issues with previous software.

  9. Darren says:


    Any word, news, rumors on if Fire OS 6 will becoming to FTV2? I know they officially said they are reviewing whether they plan to or not… just wondering if you’ve heard anything out there from your sources?

  10. Richard says:

    As anyone had an issue trying sideload apps since this update? My apps2fire won’t connect

  11. User says:

    Please can someone please test with SPMC although if you all have is Kodi I guess that’s ok for the CPU Usage bug? Original release had 1 cpu core always at 90%+ for all videos. Please play a few videos a either with a keyboard or with the Fire TV Remote app press O to look at the cpu stats. If Core 3 isn’t maxed with every single vidoe then Amazon fixed the bug.

  12. Rich Sohne says:

    I am on the newest software version and MrMC is still screwed up. The app is huge and shows 2 menu choices. Tried to re-install the app but still messed up. This is with the FireTV3 and an LG4k TV. Anyone else have issues with this?

    • MrMC says:

      Pending issue that MrMC devs are working on. Their forum has threads tracking this issue. If you stick to 1080p on fireOS, it will be fine until the issue gets fixed.

  13. MrMC says:

    Anyone seeing 24Hz ?

  14. Carlos Mahns says:

    How do I get my update for my fire tv and fire tv sticks?

  15. Richard says:

    Brand new Fire TV 4k, connects with no problem to my 5ghz wifi, register it etc then it automatically runs software update and that’s when the problems start it then reports the network is out of range and refuses to connect to it, have to connect to the 2.4ghz wifi. If I do a factory reset, same thing happens, no problem finding and connecting to the 5ghz but then the automatic update screws it again. Cannot find any help whatsoever from Amazon

  16. Dazz says:

    Just purchased Fire TV 3 2 days ago, I’ve had no issues with sideload, updates or connection with 5G also with 2 Echo Dots on 5G and all all works with LG 4k TV

  17. Dazz says:

    Also no problem with Kodi 17.6 32 bit, have not tried 64 bit

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