Software update brings sideloaded apps to the Fire TV Home Screen and a new App Shortcut


A new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software update, which makes it easier to get to both your sideloaded and official apps, will begin rolling out to both first and second generation devices soon. The new software update carries version number and will finally allow sideloaded apps to appear in the “Recent” section of the Fire TV’s home screen. The update also adds two new ways to get to your Fire TV’s “App” section. You will now be able to double-press the Home button, on your Fire TV remote or game controller, to jump directly into your app library. Additionally, there is now a new “My Apps” shortcut in the popup that appears when you hold down the Home button.


It’s unknown at this point if the new software update blocks rooting, so if your device is rooted and you don’t want to lose root, be sure you have updates blocked. If you’re a diehard fan of FireStarter’s home button double-press detection, this update may cause issues with that functionality. I’ll be sure to post about this new version’s rootability and compatibility with FireStarter as soon as I receive the update and test things out.

As always, the new software update will be rolling out slowly and there is no way to manually install or force the update. Be sure to let us know in the comments when you receive the update and especially if you notice any other changes it makes.


If Kodi or other sideloaded apps aren’t showing up on your Home screen, follow this guide.

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  1. Joe says:

    Finally! Kodi officially on the home screen without any hacks. This really restores my faith in Amazon.

    • Mark says:

      My Kodi has always appeared on the home screen. Don’t see what the big deal is here.

      • AFTVnews says:

        Kodi is on your home screen due to an old bug that has been patched. The patch does not go back and remove Kodi if it is already there, but if Kodi drops off your recent list, like due to a factory reset, then it would not reappear. Unless you update to this new update of course.

      • Phoenixsage says:

        Smh same here

    • Rodalpho says:

      This does NOT restore my faith in amazon, because they still won’t allow Kodi in their appstore. But it IS a great change.

    • RgnKjnVA says:

      +1 It’s been a frustrating wait. I couldn’t even see the Kodi launcher in Apps after upgrade to OS5.

  2. Ray says:

    I would help capturing it but my capture device is on blocks LOL

    Does it mean RBox will hold off releasing 5.0.5 for 1st gen and skip to this one… or will he 1st release 5.0.5 and then apply the incremental to

    • AFTVnews says:

      Creating the pre-rooted ROM is relatively simple so it won’t delay the 1st-gen release to make the ROM if he already has the 5.0.5 ROM, so I would expect he’ll jump to the ROM if I can get him the stock file prior to him finishing TWRP recovery for the 1st-gen Fire TV. Recovery is the time consuming part.

      • Christopher Loughrey says:

        I’d prefer the preroots the 5.0.5 as most rooted users love Firestarter and how his Fire TV mods help to pin it properly as the main interface without that flashing from the original Amazon interface before it settles on the Firestarter interface as with unroot devices. I found Firestarter’s internal ADB feature to detect the home button generally ineffective. Hopefully root access will help us patch the issues with Firestarter on the new update.

  3. Richard says:

    ” You will now be able to double-press the Home button” Well that should mess up Firestarter.

  4. Troks says:

    Interesting moves Amazon. I don’t intend to root anymore devices (2 out of 5 devices rooted). That said I would love the ability to hide or remove the Music and perhaps Picture sections. Sort apps to my liking…. My Sonos and Echo does music better. Google cast support and non-html5 Youtube app.

    Where is Amazon Fling?

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      Rbox’s Fire TV mods allow you to remove Music etc. from the main interface. I only have the Apps and Prime section displayed on mine. Rooting allows you to do a lot of things, so keep the roots.

  5. Mark says:

    Did we NEED another firmware update so soon? These guys are now as annoying as apple is to me. Fewer updates, more stability and more reason to want to update. This rush rush world of ours is annoying.

  6. TechyChris says:

    Will the Amazon app library “double home press” cause a problem with Firestarter and should I block this update?

    • AFTVnews says:

      If you can’t live without FireStarter and its features (like home double press detection), you should block updates until we know more. Right now it looks like this update does break FireStarter, but we’ll know more soon.

      • Y314K says:

        The number one FireStarter feature for me has always been how easy it is to upgrade Kodi &/or now SPMC. FireStarter makes this a four button press.

        Check for update.
        Download update.
        Install Update.
        Done or Open program.

        Can’t beat that. Will continue to use FireStarter for that feature even with the new Recent sideloaded apps shortcut update.

        • Rodalpho says:

          If amazon allowed kodi in their appstore, that would not be necessary.


          • Y314K says:

            I think FireStarter allows for a much faster update then the Amazon App Store from my prior experience. since it’s coming directly from the apps GitHub/site on FireStarter.

          • Christopher Loughrey says:

            It wouldn’t allow Kodi because Kodi is used to rip copyrighted videos, including Amazon’s own original content, from its addons.

          • Tinwarble says:

            @Christopher Loughrey, That’s completely wrong. Kodi is a media player, nothing more, it does not “RIP” anything it only plays back media just like the dozens of other media players on Amazon’s app store.

            It also does not supply any media and any add-on that does comes from 3rd party sources and has nothing directly to do with Kodi.

            The reason that Kodi was removed from Amazon’s app store is due to Amazon’s own ignorance on the subject.

        • RgnKjnVA says:

          Agreed. This is the only thing giving me pause to uninstall FireStarter now that I can access Kodi easily on the native Fire TV ui. It is the easiest method of installing/updating Kodi.

  7. R3vvedup says:

    The newest update seems to remove firestarter..I’m unable to reinstall it

    • Jeff_C says:

      +1 I can confirm that this update removes firestarter (just updated my 1st Gen box moments ago). I have not tried re-installing yet. That is a real bummer, I used to use a double-click to launch XBMC and remotely connect with a tablet to play music. This required no monitor to be active.

  8. Keith says:

    This seemingly little thing was REALLY a big deal to me. Glad amazon fixed it. It wasn’t the deciding factor by any means, but contributed to me wanting to stay with gen 1 and not looking forward to OS5 as much as I might otherwise.
    Still considering upgrading to gen 2 so I’ll be checking in to see if this breaks root. That unfortunately is a deal breaker…

  9. Eric Lawton says:

    Yes. Got the new update on my 4k box. Can’t get firestarter to install. Doesn’t show in my applications list.

    Also, my airfoil speakers app isn’t showing under my apps or recents, though I can find it under my applications under settings. Kind of annoying. Hope firestarter works the magic and get it fixed.

  10. Flexman says:

    Does it fix the Play-back stuttering issues introduced with 5.0x?

    • H|L says:

      I would say yes. I haven’t noticed a single framedrop since I have installed the update.

      • Flexman says:

        Nope. Bevor 5,x it was possible to have a smooth Play-back with manually switching between 50 and 60Hz. Now its impossible, the Choice is between annoying and “LIKE HELL”, depending on Source Material. Maybe an issue only with European or german models.

        • Flexman says:

          Found the hidden “Reverse and up” Function to enable 24Hz Play-back. All Fine now! A Miracle why Amazon is not willing to let People select this normally – or make the automatic work,,,

  11. Mafaveli says:

    Any info on if this is still rootable?

  12. Terry says:

    I guess I don’t understand Fire TV version numbers. I installed the custom ROM in Sept and this ‘new’ version is

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      Amazon moved from Android 4.2.2 to Android 5.1, so it’s not called FireOS5. It wasn’t just a mere update, it updated the entire operating system to a new version of Android, hence the different names

    • AFTVnews says: (and are the last versions of Fire OS 3. With the move to Fire OS 5, Amazon switched to version numbering that reflects the OS version better and so started with 5.0.0 as the first Fire OS 5 version. Since then, it has gone: 5.0.0 > > > 5.0.3 > > 5.0.4 > 5.0.5 >

  13. IanMoz says:

    I can confirm that this update blocks kingroot 4.1 from gaining root access on original Amazon fire TV. Looks like another hardware root for me

  14. IanMoz says:

    Also I was able to get FireStarter installed again but I had to uninstall the old one first via adb as Amazon had hidden it from apps menu. Then re-installed via adb and it was there again, however the double click feature no longer works but it does appear in your recent apps menu on the Amazon home screen so it can still easily be opened.

  15. Jim Davis says:

    Kofi does not show up on home screen for me even though it’s side loaded and on the fire TV. I just got the update last night/this morning and found this page because fire starter does not work anymore. Do I have to do something special to get kodi to show in recent apps?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Does it show up in the Apps section? If you purchased Kodi from Amazon back when it was in the Amazon appstore, you need to go into your Amazon account and delete the app from your purchase history. If Kodi still doesn’t show up, try uninstalling it and re-installing it.

      • Jim Davis says:

        No it does not. I did install though back when they had it in the market so I’ll try that. Hope they get fire starter back up and running home screen sucks. thank you for replying.

      • Jim Davis says:

        I removed it from apps on my Amazon account but it kodi didn’t show so I factory reset my fire TV reinstalled everything and now it’s there in recents. Thank you for the advice.

  16. Trevor says:

    how do I get kodi on fire stick if its new with nothing on it

  17. Shudson8472 says:

    So Just got The new update andere can confirm that firestarter no länger Workshop

    Kodi that I side loaded is now in The Apps section, but when I got launch it it starts then goes back
    To the Amazon home screen, it does display in the recent section.

    THe Mediahhh app that it’s also side loaded also appears in the apps section
    And can be launched and it does work, the icon is also displayed in the recent section
    Next to the kodi icon.

  18. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Everyone who received the new update can they confirm IanMoz’s claim that the new update blocks Kingroot ?

  19. Dee says:

    Should just move My Apps to recent instead of doing the shortcuts button. Amazon just making it difficult.

  20. rr says:

    New update does not allow me to play DTS or Dolby Digital in Kodi 16.0. Passthrough is enabled. It worked perfectly before the update and now after I just get the buzzing noise

  21. spcdust says:

    My 4K Fire TV Box has updated and now the Kodi App will appear on the “Recent” section so nice bonus there. However my 1st Gen Fire TV Box has also updated but wierdly whilst the Kodi App appears in “My Apps”, which it did before, it refuses to display in the “Recent” section. Anyone else found this?

  22. Cotton says:

    So I guess we’re all in the same boat. Firestarter gone, but KODI still there in My Apps & (for most of us) Recent Apps. Which is something of a consolation.

    But… how are we supposed to upgrade KODI versions in future? Are we forever stuck on the current version?

    • Spcdust says:

      I would always be inclined to do a clean install by side loading of the updated Kodi app using eithe ES Explorer or ADB Fire.

  23. Robert says:

    Sideloaded apps do appear in Recent menu. However, the icons are very low resolution. Intentional perhaps?

    • AFTVnews says:

      That’s because the official apps get their icons from Amazon’s servers, where as unofficial apps must use the icon embedded in the APK itself, which is a lower resolution than the ones Amazon makes developers upload to their servers.

      You can follow this guide to use your own high resolution icons.

  24. Robert says:

    At first blush, it seems that the FireTV Gen 1 is running more efficiently. Appears that the Dolby Digital 5.1 content on both Netflix and Amazon is nicely synchronized now over optical audio. Installation involved an optimizing function that I don’t recall seeing in previous updates.


    I added an apk for AGK Launcher for people interested in a temp solution till the Fire Starter issue is sorted out. This version of AGK Launcher will show up in your apps list and recent apps list.

  26. Rick78 says:

    Thanks Gopi.
    Where can we download the AGK Launcher?

  27. Itzme says:

    I have Kodi side loaded. Now how can I get it appear on the home screen? It isn’t appearing in Your Apps Library.

  28. Robert says:

    I can’t seem to find the image cache where the sideloaded apps icons are stored. The new update just uses the tiny thumbnail size icons for sideloaded apps in the Recent menu. These icons are then enlarged, making for a poor quality image when sideloaded app icons are viewed in the Recent menu. Recall that we could insert our own preview icons in the image cache directory with the earlier OS.

  29. Squizz_uk says:

    My kodi doesn’t want to show up on the recent line no matter what I try. Any ideas to make this side loaded app appear?

  30. realBBB says:

    Adding Kodi to recent and killing firestarter made most jump onboard with the current update. How long till they decide kill Kodi on recent once again? Just a matter of time. :(

  31. Constable Odo says:

    What the frack! I had Firestarter 3.2.3 re-installed and working after the update and then overnight it disappeared again. Now that’s what I call a sneaky move. It appears as though Amazon definitely doesn’t want us using Firestarter. It’s not that big a deal because I usually leave Kodi launched on my Fire TV and Kodi does everything I need the Fire TV for. I can watch all my TV shows, movies and my own content libraries within Kodi, so once it’s launched that’s it. If I have to boot Kodi occasionally from the App menu I don’t mind. I’m sure Firestarter will be fixed eventually so I’ll happily wait.

  32. Curbington1st says:

    after my update my Kodi is in recent app I click on it it says you have exceeded the device registration limit . please unregister unused devices.But when I hold home button and go to kodi through settings and manage application’s it will launch . I can’t see any apps in app store HELP!!

  33. Keith R says:

    have had my firestick working for about 5 months and yesterday went to use it to get onto Kodi but now wants my Amazon account log in which it has never asked for before. Is it safe to use Kodi?

  34. JM says:

    Still have not received the update on my 1st gen Fire TV or Fire Stick. Currently on stock, never rooted 5.0.5. Any ideas why I would not get the update on either device? Have tried rebooting but not factory reset. Thanks!

  35. Rhino says:

    My Fire Stick with the newest updated does not has Kodi on Home screen nor App session. is there anyway to put it on the Home screen of App session for easy access? Thanks in Advance.

  36. Brandie says:

    My kodi was acting a little funny on my fire stick so I Uninstaller it expecting to put it right back on… now it will not install using fire installer or app to fire… I don’t think the update has gone through but do you know of another way I can get it back on there?

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