Software update 5.0.4 for 2nd-gen Fire TV and newer Fire TV Sticks makes first appearance


Amazon has just posted the partial source code for a new 5.0.4 software update on their source code notice page. The update has been listed under both the 2nd-gen Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick. This often, but not always, indicates the update will begin rolling out to devices in the next few days. This software update may bring the full featured integration of Amazon’s new add-on TV subscription service to Fire TV devices, which we’re expecting to arrive soon. Although I was told, by my sources at Amazon, that those features would be in a 5.0.5 update. The date on the source code file seems to indicate this update was completed on November 24th, so time will tell what this update has in store. Be sure to leave a comment below if your device receives this update and let us know if you notice any changes.

  1. David says:

    Hope theres audio fixes included in this and we’re able to root the device or remain rooted for those whom already are. The audio issue is quite annoying

    • Eric Work says:

      As long as we can get the original partition content (and then modify it) we should be able to maintain root. If they block the rooting method somehow that will make it difficult to get the original partitions.

  2. tom42 says:

    So much for Amazon’s so call black out period on updates from Thanksgiving to Xmas

    They have updated the Amazon Fire 2015 Tablet and now the FTV2/stick but still no update for FTV1

  3. Tel says:

    Kodi & Sideloading ok still?

  4. chris says:

    I was told by an amazon rep during a support chat that this would include updates to fix the wireless xbox 360 controller issues.

  5. scott says:

    Can’t disable updates.

  6. DJ says:

    Received this update on 2nd Gen Fire TV on Friday 11th Dec.

    Kodi and Firestarter still working fine.

    • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      You are located in the USA, Germany or the UK?

      Has you noticed some enhancements or something NEW after you Received this update on your 2nd Gen FireTV?

  7. vulcan195 says:

    Did not realize we had two similar articles – so I posted this as a comment under the other article.

    As someone in reddit pointed out – they added a new audio option to only send “Dolby Digital Over HDMI”. But the poster did not confirm if the fix did work.

  8. David G. says:

    As of now. 12-14-15 AFTV2 downloaded US version from unopened box. I went in and verified and then cut the WiFi off in the unit till I can root it

  9. PhyshBourne says:

    still on…

  10. farsighted99 says:

    still on too… when is this gonna update? I’m in the midwest.

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