Software update 5.0.3 for Fire TV 2 squashes more bugs but not all

The new 5.0.3 software update for the 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV is still rolling out to devices, but we’re starting to get an idea of what it does and doesn’t fix. As we’ve come to expect, other than saying it contains “minor bug fixes and performance improvements,” Amazon isn’t providing any details about the update. Those who have already received the update have thankfully been active in the comments on my announcement post.

This update does not appear to fix the Dolby Digital surround sound issues yet. Amazon has said this will be fixed by November 30th. It does, however, appear that this update does fix the low volume issue that some Fire TV 2 owners have been experiencing.

One of my sources at Amazon, who is only familiar with some of the details of this update, tells me this update contains new firmware for the voice remote. However, it’s not clear what specifically the new remote firmware fixes/changes. Also included in this update is better detection of 4K capable televisions that are connected through AV receivers, which I’m told was an issue with a small set of receiver/TV combinations, as well as improved compatibility with Logitech Harmony hubs.

I’m told more bug fix updates will be coming soon. It appears Amazon wants to get bug fixes out to devices as soon as they’re ready, instead of waiting to release a single large update that applies all the bug fixes at once. As always, if you haven’t received this update yet, all you can do is be patient. There is no way to force the update or install it manually. If you notice other fixes or changes not mentioned above, please be sure to share them with all of us in the comments. I do my best to uncover all that I can about these updates, but I’m just one guy so I must rely heavily on all of you, the great AFTVnews community, to uncover the details of these bug fixing updates.

  1. Abdel says:

    I see all these updates but my amazon fire tv box (1st gen) never received an update!! I do the update check and nothing, am i missing something here?? Help please?

    • Robert says:

      OS 5 hasn’t been released for the 1st gen Fire Tv yet.

    • Ryan says:

      I don’t want any updates for my v1 FireTV until all problems have been addressed. I will be very upset if they push it to me and my perfectly working Dolby Digital+ output breaks.

      • Gaz says:

        Block the update urls then as i have,i happy staying on os3 and wont update until i’m forced to due to something that stops working.

  2. Jay says:

    Can we confirm if audio channels mixup issue was fixed on newer 4k receivers that use hdcp2.2 with this update?

  3. Mike says:

    It appears the voice remote’s random unresponsiveness issue has been fixed after this update.

    • Dave says:

      I am still having issues with the remote and random unresponsiveness, having to wait up to a minute before the remote responds again.

  4. Simon says:

    Got the update tonight and all the 4K content has gone ? Have done a forced restart and still nothing, I shall be ringing Amazon in the morning.
    Anyone else have this ?

  5. Nick says:

    Still waiting for.the update
    Nonsign if 5.0.3

  6. kinseki says:

    Should I update the firetv 2 or shoudn’t I update at all and wait for the root solution?

  7. jimberkas says:

    keep the updates coming. my gen 2 fire tv still sits in the box. my two gen 1 fire tvs and 2 gen 1 fire sticks are working just fine

  8. Tech-Ed says:

    Updated this morning. Its fixed my remote disconnections and my problems with the 5ghz network. :)

  9. Jay says:

    Got update this morning. Need to do more testing but using jarvis so far the static is gone and it properly decodes dts aND dolby 5.1. However not sure it it’s kodi issue but it does not native support dolby hd or dts hd. It down mixes to dolby 5.1 and dts 5.1 on reciever. I need to unchecked under system dolby and dts and change channels to 7.1 to get full 7.1 multi channel in.

    Still need to test if the channel mixup issue is resolved on my 4k receiver.

  10. Tech-Ed says:

    Spoke to soon, remote still disconnects randomly! :(

  11. vulcan195 says:

    FWIW – I have my AFTV2 connected via HDMI to the Samsung 4K 2014 TV and then TOSLINK to receiver.

    5.0.3 AFTV2 firmware only sends DD+ or Stereo – not DD.

    The Samsung can handle the DD+ but will not convert to DD to send to receiver. Instead it down converts to Stereo. However, if I change Audio out on Samsun to DTS Neo 2:5 … it sends discrete 5.1 to the receiver. This is very close to the original DD 5.1 mix … so I am fine until the firmware is updated to send DD (Like Roku 3 does).

  12. Drainsurgeon says:

    Still have remote unresponsive issues and low sound on 5.0.3 maybe they will eventually get it together. My first gen boxes and sticks work great…….

    • vulcan195 says:

      I have heard others complain of low sound. I noticed a 10dB (measured with Sound Meter) lower sound from 5.0.2 but it seems fixed now. Can you tell me which stream clip (Amazon Prime / Netflix / Hulu etc.) you used to do the comparison? I might be able to run the same test at my end.

      Also, I don’t run Kodi (paranoid about malware) … so I hope you are not using Kodi to make that call.

  13. Brandon Billings says:

    Slingplayer app still constantly loops. Taking back.

  14. Drainsurgeon says:

    Low volume still on amazon prime

  15. Meemo says:

    Any word on potential to root new 5.0 software on Gen 2 device or older Gen 1 device (when released)?

  16. Scott says:

    My remote worked great after 5.0.3, but now it doesn’t work at all. So frustrating.

  17. ray says:

    why am I still not getting the update? I have a 2nd generation fire tv.

  18. Ray says:

    Great I updated and now none of my 5.1 media works. I am sure amazon prime netflix arent harmed though ugh

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