Software update to begin rolling out to 2nd-gen Fire TV’s soon


Amazon will start pushing out another software update to 2nd generation Fire TVs in the next few days. This new update comes just a week after the last one began rolling out and carries version number Don’t worry if your Fire TV hasn’t received software version 5.0.3 yet. Even though Amazon has switched to incremental updates, it’s fine if your Fire TV skips straight to version

Remember, there is no way to force your Fire TV to update. You can force an update check, but if it’s not your Fire TV’s turn in line to update, all you can do is wait. Amazon releases all software updates incrementally. Be sure to let everyone know in the comments once your Fire TV receives this new update and if you notice any changes or bug fixes.

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  1. Danny says:

    No change log or details on it either, huh?
    Thanks for the update and looking forward to checking back in to see what you find.
    Thanks for the work you put in!

  2. pleth·o·ra says:

    Installed. So far, no negative impact on my Kodi, then again I don’t notice any positives either.

  3. pleth·o·ra says:

    Newer remote control update rolled out as well. Version 185.

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Since you have said that you received today a new v185 update, which is automatically installed on the FTV2 WIFI Remote that it had the version 161 previously!…

      I wonder if you or anyone here, have noticed if the “Battery Life” and “Lost Connection” Issues, Maybe improved a bit, or both have been finally corrected in this latest update??

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Forgot to mention that, Unfortunately, the software version for the new WIFI remote is not shown yet on Amazon’s Fire TV Remote Software Updates:

  4. Rossco says:

    Anyone connect to ac network yet not just available auto network but one using 80mhz

  5. Nick says:

    Still waiting for 5.0.3

  6. FNYC says:

    has newest OS for the first gen FTV been made available yet? i want to try Alexis. my first gen FTV says that it was last updated in last updated in late septemeber. Thanks

  7. James Anderson says:

    Clicked on check for update and the update process started.

  8. BBS says:

    You can force to update by:
    1. Manually check for updates, then it will start to download the update;
    2. Notice the “Check for updates ” button on the left now becomes “Install updates”. Click the button and install it.

    • AFTVnews says:

      That forces a check but does not necessarily force the update. There is a big difference between the two. Devices have already begun receiving this update, but folowing the steps you listed does not guarantee a Fire TV will install the latest update.

    • vulcan195 says:

      When I click “Check for Updates” it says “Checking for Updates” for a second on so and then switches back to “Check for Updates” … Not sure what you are talking about.

  9. BBS says:

    In addition, it seems DD 5.1 is working now, at least I can hear stereo sound now instead of zzz noise, out of AC3.

    • vulcan195 says:

      @BBS – I am still waiting for the latest update. Can you share your connection details – Are you connected directly to an HDMI receiver? If yes, are you seeing the DD 5.1 flag for HBO / Netflix etc.? What is the audio setting on the Fire TV? Automatic?

  10. NateGG says:

    Still rocking here in the UK on FTV2 :/

  11. Chris wolfe says:

    I can confirm that dts and every other audio is NOW working on kodi through passthrough. I recieved update this evening. I have tried dolby and various other audio formats such as DTS master audio, dolby 5.1, dolby 7.1, dts 7.1, the only one that didn’t work was dolby trueHD.

    • Chris wolfe says:

      Using hdmi from fire tv to reciever and reciever into tv. I have fire tv set to dolby/hdmi in settings. Channels are mapped properly as they should be…finally happy with this device. I never had remote issue other than battery life not being too good…but I decided to switch to an airmouse. So no worries about that anymore…

      • Chris wolfe says:

        Still no detection in HBO app…

        • Chris wolfe says:

          Still no detection in HBO Now app but have detection in HBO GO app.

          • vulcan195 says:

            @Chris – Thanks for researching this – were you also one of the early recipients of the 5.0.3 update? I ask because I got 5.0.3 only a couple of days ago … so does that mean … I have to again wait for my turn to come a few days from now for this latest update :(

          • Chris wolfe says:

            Yes @vulcan195, I recieved the last update right away and recieved this latest update yesterday at some point. I was at work all day and when I read about the new update on here I immediately checked my fire tv and it had already updated on its own…I can confirm the remote update as well. Hopefully it improves battery life. The fire tv itself and software seems to run alot better…I never had any major complaints about how the software ran before but it does seem to be running alot smooter. I haven’t experienced any long delays on playback. Netflix has 5.1. I’m finally happy about the issues that have been fixed…I now cosine this fire tv to be better than the 1st generation…

  12. PAPA says:

    Updated this morning incl. the remote update.
    Netflix now with 5.1.
    Kodi as well now working with passthrough DD and DTS :)
    Hopefully this wil last.
    One day bevore, KODI was also working once under 5.03 but
    during a second try the white noise was back.
    Hopefully now it is sovled stable.

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      The update that you received for the WIFI remote is the latest v185 and for
      Netflix is v5.1?

      • Chris wolfe says:

        I believe he meant netflix has 5.1 audio now..

        • Ulises Rodriguez says:

          Chris wolfe, maybe you are right, and what he was meaning is that Netflix has 5.1 audio now…

          I thought he was referring to the new version of Netflix that we are all still waiting!

  13. grinder says:

    Went straight through to this update last night. Took a long time to install on reboot (don’t give up if it looks like it’s not responding – white light will flash forever).

    Might be my imagination but the remote seems much zippier.

    Overall, I find the AFTV2 a much bigger upgrade in processing power than it’s being given credit.

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Have you noticed if the “Battery Life” and “Lost Connection” Issues, Maybe improved a bit, or both have been finally corrected in this latest v185 update for the WIFI Remote??

      • Chris wolfe says:

        I personally never had connection issues but battery life was terrible. I’m on my 2nd set of batteries. I replaced them after yesterday’s update. I barely even used the fire tv remote because I used an airmouse but for the batteries to be dead with hardly any use was definitely an issue. Now that the batteries are new, I can only wait and see if that problem has been resolved…I’ll post as soon as I know for sure…

        • vulcan195 says:

          Zero issues with the batteries. Still using the same batteries from when I got the AFTV2 (Oct 5) and I have used the remote quite a bit.
          Its possible that its getting wireless interference.
          I have sideloaded Wifi Analyzer to the AFTV2 – works great in finding out the spectrum landscape in my neighborhood.

      • Grinder says:

        No issues with the remote. Maybe you should pack up your box and send it back to Amazon. Or put fresh batteries in your remote. Whichever is easier.

  14. JahSun says:

    5.0.3 update still does not work properly aftv2 with kodi and NEW yamaha rx-A1050 4k receiver. Channels are all mixed up. Still get static on certain audio setups. Does not decode any hd formats. I can only get it to show PCM and when i get that the channels are all mixed up. Way to go amazon… Its official your bunch of idiots who it comes to software and hardware. keep the testing and the updates coming…lol

  15. Vulcan195 says:

    I received the update for the AFTV2.

    My Setup – My receiver gets its audio through TOSLINK from the TV.

    No DD 5.1 for me … I still only get stereo :(

    My FireTV is set for automatic and it does not send, DD instead of DD+. This is unlike the Roku and the Apple TV – where I get DD5.1 from both boxes through the TV to receiver (TOSLINK)
    When I forced DD+ over HDMI, I get a squeal since my 2014 Samsung 4K TV is not able to process DD+ over HDMI.

    Amazon needs to offer an additional option in the sound setup to send plain DD 5.1 over HDMI like the option Roku offers.

    Until then, many of us who use TOSLINK from TV to receiver are out of luck. :(

    My receiver has superb acoustics, I don’t want to trash and replace it just because Amazon is not updating firmware to send plain DD.


    • Vulcan195 says:

      I also would like to know if the HDCP 2.2 4K signal from the Fire TV is passing through correctly via the receiver. Does the receiver have to be the latest (2015) generation for this to work? Please share the model # of the receiver.

  16. Jay says:

    The 4k receiver I have is rx a 1050 from yahmaha. It has 8 hdcp2.2 slots aND one older older slot on front of it. Channels get all mixed up when using newer 2.2 slots. When I use the older hdmi slot prior to hdcp2.2 there is no channel mixup. How the hell could amazon sell a 4k aftv and screw this up since the only way u will get 4k content with surround sound is using a new 4k receiver. On the plex forum multiple people are talking about this same issue and how the channel mixup also happens within the plex app as well as kodi.

    Ps.. this is too the owner of this site. You seem to have a connection to people at amazon based on all the articles I read here about people who wish to remain anonymous. Can I share with them that they have a major issue with channel mixup on prob ALL 4k receivers. Most people don’t have a new 4k hdcp2.2 receiver yet so there not experiencing this issue rather they just notice DD is not working with there older receiver. I would really like to know if idiots at amazon actually know about this MAJOR ISSUE with there product. There supposed to be doing a major internal test and yet they can fix this! !!!!!!

  17. Danny says:

    Sound is now broken with the 3.1 update.
    Sucks, hope it’s fixed soon!
    All was fine till this most recent update
    All I hear now is a high pitch buzz sound.

  18. Vulcan195 says:

    While I wait on an update to add support or dolby surround … I went and bought a Denon 510BT receiver. It has HDCP 2.2 support.

    Everything works with through this receiver. All map pings are right on the money and it detects DD+ without fail.

    But I still like the warm sound of my old beefy non-HDMI Yamaha receiver and may considering getting rid of the Denon if they add plain DD support.

  19. steve says:

    The Amazon Team says

    October 12th, you will receive an automatic software update that enables Dolby Digital Plus for customers who have a Dolby Digital Plus system (including support for Netflix and Amazon Video). An update for older Dolby Digital systems (not Dolby Digital Plus) will be distributed on November 30th.

  20. Jay says:

    I’m still waiting to verify to verify if what Vulcan said is rt about channels mixup being fixed. Will report in after the update

  21. Ray says:

    dolby digital is still not working with emby or plex with the latest update.

  22. Edgar R. says:

    Can confirm that DTS pass through is working for Kodi on firetv2. No more static screeching sound on my videos. Love my new firetv now.

  23. Jahsun says:

    I can confirm that latest update fixes channel mixup. However there are still issues. Plex is fixed but now video shudders and freezes so plea with surround sound is basically not usable. Kodi properly displays Dolby d and dts now with no channel mixup.

  24. Henry cabezas says:

    The mirroring function is not working on the new 4k Fire TV box, I thought this update would fix it. anyone else experiencing this with the new 4K Fire TV box?

    • Henry cabezas says:

      I meant to add that the mirroring function I’m referring to is when I try to mirror my laptop with Windows 8.1. Weird, because it worked perfect with my old Fire TV Box (non-4k), but now the new box is not recognized by windows.

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