So, what did you get for Christmas?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Head on over to the comments and let’s hear what Santa brought you.

  1. AFTVnews says:

    The best gift was an electric circular saw that I’ve been wanting for a while. The most surprising gift was a shirt from my wife with a bunch of my “sayings” printed on the back, which was a big laugh.

  2. Papo Sazon says:

    My best gift was a Echo. Goes well with my Amazon fireTv and fire tablets.

  3. BigAl says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to get the Nvidia Shield console. Getting it all customized right now for my entertainment pleasure!! Can’t wait to unleash it’s multimedia potential.

  4. Peter s says:

    I got myself 3 echos and 2 Amazon Tv 2nd Gen.

    I am a previous owner of Amazon TV 1st Gen and the Fire stick.

  5. Keith says:

    Remington 870 express tactical.

  6. Grinch says:

    I didn’t get a damn thing.

  7. Schwifty says:

    August Smart Lock

  8. Vulcan195 says:

    A notification from Comcast that I had exceeded my 300GB monthly quota! Xfinity-mas!

  9. Damian says:

    Intel i5 6600
    AMD Radeon R9 390
    Asus z170 P D3

  10. Gringo says:

    Does anyone know if Fire tv 4k will get discounted again. I missed it when it was 20$ less.

  11. pmcd says:

    An Apple TV 4 and a Fire TV 2nd gen. Both excellent though pairing the Fire TV with a Harmony hub was really hard. Didn’t work until 5.0.4

  12. JPG says:

    The best gift I received that I didn’t buy myself was tickets to a “Zombie Escape Room” for my wife and myself (she’s scared of her own shadow)

    The best gift I bought myself was Philips Hue bulbs for home automation domination (Amazon Echo + IFTTT + Hue for the win)

  13. Alan says:

    I got a fire 7 tablet and 128gb micro sd card. Also got a Amazon remote control so I can control kodi on it. Amazon game controller also works well with the tablet.

  14. xnamkcor says:

    All I got was a picture of a dead guy. And wasn’t even a president.

  15. Luthersman says:

    I am loving my Samsung gearVR. Watching netflix on a 110″ VR screen is fun. It’s not perfect but it still is amazing.

  16. Keith says:

    Tickets to Star Wars, 11:00pm on xmas day! Kids got all the fun toys but I loved my gift. Cant wait for the digital release

  17. Mark says:

    Underwear, socks and t-shirts. Oh! and a Boss BV9384NV HU and backup camera and self dimming rearview mirror and a strut tower brace, all for my mobile office.

  18. vorapong says:

    I bought myself 2nd fireTV on black Friday a must h
    ave for prime members.

  19. farsighted99 says:

    a Raspberry Pi. Really cool….

  20. Mitchell Poole says:

    Is it possible to use screen mirroring between $50 Fire tablet and Firestick? Cheapo RCA tablet will cast screen to Firestick no problem, but Fire tablet has no cast option.

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