Sling TV now offers live and on-demand HBO for an additional $15 per month

If you can’t wait for HBO’s stand-alone subscription service, HBO Now, to come to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, then Sling TV has you covered. The over-the-top streaming television service has just added HBO to their line-up of ever growing extra channel packages. You’ll still need to subscribe to their $20 per month base service to add HBO, but it’s now the only way to watch HBO on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick without a traditional cable subscription.

In addition to adding HBO, Sling TV has updated their Fire TV app to improve stability and add features. The app now offers parental controls as well as mini guides that are intended to make it easier to find shows based on subject and genre.

Due to Sling TV’s lack of contract, customers can pay $35 a month for Sling TV+HBO and cancel when Apple’s exclusivity on HBO Now ends. For those interested, Amazon is still offering $50 off a Fire TV or a Free Fire TV Stick when you commit to 3 months of Sling TV.

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  1. Steve says:

    Sling TV is nice but it buffers a lot. I did the week trial ( Fire TV ). ESPN goes into 5 to 10 min buffer pauses about every 15 to 20 minutes. I have a very good network connection. Never have issues with Netflix, Hulu or MLB Tv. Will probably not subscribe until they get this more solid in keeping up.

    • Gary says:

      I haven’t experienced any buffering issues on my 12 mbps DSL connection. I’ve been pretty happy with the service.

  2. Pete says:

    I see there’s a 2-week trial available now, and since Verizon FiOS is not offering me any real incentive to sign another 2-year contract I will have to give this a shot. I have their top HD package and really don’t watch that many channels. I could keep the lowest package they offer, sign up for Sling’s base + a couple more add-ons and get almost everything I watch (and still have options to record AMC and others on DVR if I really need longer-term storage).

    Not sure I’d switch from HBO with them (having HBO GO is convenient, and the other channels packaged are actually useful) but I could see myself migrating and/or changing over to HBO Now in July.

  3. awdahelwidit says:

    Sling is still far from being fair price for amount of content. They don’t have to lease equipment, use customer’s bandwidth rather than their sats, yet they charge more than their Top 100-120 (whatever) plan for <20 channels.

    Meanwhile the pirates can setup and host iptv servers w/ 300-900 channels for $10 a month per sub.

    In a world where time-slot commercialized programming is going the way of the landline, they need to lower price or increase offerings. Otherwise people will just go with the cheaper (or pirated) stream on-demand options.

  4. Scott says:

    My Sling TV trial ended like 3 weeks ago.. and they never charged my card and it still works.. Amazon was handling the billing and it’s not even listed under my Amazon subscriptions. Though I’m enjoying the free TV still.. but I’ll probably eventually tell them there’s some sort of glitch.

    Anyone else have this happen?

    • neri says:

      Yep, i’m on the same boat. I called both dish and amazon reporting the issue. They told me (amazon, sling has no idea) that it was a glitch on the system, which would be solved eventually. In the mean time, amazon encourage me to just keep using it.

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