Sling TV launches new $20 package that swaps Disney & ESPN for FOX


When Sling TV, the streaming TV service available through the Fire TV, announces new channels, they’re usually added to the $20/mo. base package or one of their various add-on packages. In a strange move, Sling TV has revealed a new alternative $20/mo. base package that drops the ESPN and Disney channels included in the regular base package, but includes FOX (in select markets only), FX, Fox Sports, and the YES Network. If you don’t have kids and don’t watch sports, this may be a better base package for you to consider, as long as you’re in one of the regions that FOX is available in, which you can check by entering your address on Sling’s site.

  1. Dave the Maine-iac says:

    Strange move alright. They couldn’t of just added FOX, FX, Fox Sports, and the YES Network to the existing package or as an add on package?? I can see if they wanted to increase the price a bit, but why would you have to dump ESPN & Disney?

    I dumped Sling as soon as Playstation Vue was opened up to all area of the US and love it so far.

    • atone says:

      Yeah agree that it’s a strange move. Sling should have just added those channels to the existing package or maybe added them for an extra $5, since competition will be brewing with Playstation Vue.

      …on an unrelated note–I added a couple new free games(from the side). Added to my cloud : The Wind God FTV and PileR. (thanks for sharing new free games)

  2. reggie says:

    Was reading an article about this. ESPN/Disney for some reason don’t want to add multi stream on sling. even though it is available on Sony Vue. So that is why sling tv ended up doing it like this probably until ESPN/Disney allow them to do multi stream.

  3. clocks says:

    I like it. Gives options, and I like there is now a package with FX, which is one of my more watched channels. Not sure why they dropped Freeform from it though. Is that another disney channel?

    Regarding Vue, Sony needs to fix the whole diff packages in different market thing. I like Vue at $30, but the cheapest package in my area is the $40 package. At twice the price of Sling, I would probably opt for Sling over it.

  4. ouradu says:

    Sports fans don’t get much from this. You can’t combine ESPN networks with the Fox sports networks. Vue originally advertised the regional fox networks and pulled them a week after the national launch. You’d have to buy both sling packages to get both on two separate accounts. Pretty weird.

  5. KJ says:

    WOW this is huge for me. The regional sports are really the only thing I want.

    • ouradu says:

      but without the ESPNs?

    • Chris says:

      Totally agree. To me this is even better than the ESPN package. In Detroit, everything is on Fox Sports Detroit except the Lions on a local channel or a Monday Night game and an occasional Michigan or Michigan State football game on ESPN.

  6. Mitchell Poole says:

    Apparently, the biggest reason for the alternate package without Disney and ESPN is the ability to watch on 3 simultaneous screens with the new package while the original only supports 1 screen due to the restriction on Disney/ESPN streaming rights. Looks like SlingTV struck a deal with Fox allowing multiple streams as a backfill for Disney/ESPN who would not support multiple active screens on a single account. Makes me wonder what happens with the Sports add-on pack for $5 that gave you additional ESPN channels. Can the Sports package be added to the new package (still wouldn’t get ESPN and ESPN2) and if so, are you restricted to a single stream on the Sports package channels. I thought SlingTV was working to allow multiple active screens on all channels except Disney and ESPN, which would have been an improvement over the single stream limitation imposed by Disney/ESPN being applied to all channels. New package is a move in that direction but now segments the channel offerings.

  7. ouradu says:

    I’d love to pay for the fox package with a $10 addon for all the ESPN channels even if those are one stream.

  8. R3vvedup says:

    It’s BS..the website says I get fox..but only fox on demand shows up on my fire tvs ..when I first signed up I got all the fox channels on my iPad?

  9. Justin says:

    I was wondering what they were going to do to compete with Vue’s new lower price and full rollout. Now we have this.

    I like that there is this new option which allows for more streams and keeps the $20 a month price. It’s a bit confusing at first but gives you a more customized basic service than Vue. Plus these channels appeal to me more than the one with espn.

    Live tv is nice but I don’t see myself paying more than $20 a month. Vue starts at $40 in my area which is too much. Plus once I started watching El Rey network I’ve loved it. Vue doesn’t have it even in premium tiers. I just wish sling had dvr or on demand for every channel. It’s especially missing for adult swim.

  10. Reflex says:

    Sling would be way more interesting to me if they offered actual ala carte cable. But as usual, that’s not an option. And as usual, I’ll just decline pay tv. Prime Video is good enough for me. If I need more, I’ll do Netflix.

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