Sling TV apologises, says “sending [invites] over the next couple of days”

Sling TV, the much anticipated new internet TV service from Dish Network, told several news outlets that invites would be going out last night. Now the company has gone to twitter to backpedal a bit. Yesterday they saidsome invites have definitely been sent” but a few hours ago they tweeted an apoligy retracting that statment, saying “emails haven’t started going out, but we’re sending [invites] over the next couple of days continuing into next week“.

The delay may be due to the fact that neither the Android nor Fire TV apps have been released yet. Only the iOS app seems to be available at the moment. All the major app stores are notorious for leaving apps in approval limbo with no indication of when they’ll be released. It would be a disaster for Sling TV to send out invites with no way for their customers to view the service.

  1. Joseph says:

    For my family, this works out ok, we plan on getting the AFTV early next week. But I have to say, this was the deal maker for us. Well, for me. The wife and kids have all they will ever need on AFTV. But I still need my ESPN and live sports. Sling put us over the edge and we’re ordering AFTV this weekend (hopefully with Sling ready).

  2. Jason says:

    Just got my invite and sideloaded Sling onto the FireTV. It works pretty flawlessly, but I’m excited for when the app is a first class citizen and runs from the app page or recently used section.

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