Simplifying and breaking down the numerous new Fire HD 10 variants and bundles

Amazon revealed the new Fire HD 10 tablet this morning and introduced a ridiculous number of variants and bundles for it. It used to be that you just needed to decide how much storage you wanted and if you wanted to pay extra to remove ads. Amazon then added a kids version to the mix, but this year there is a “Plus” model and a “Kids Pro” model. All that and we haven’t even gotten to the different bundles, like the Productivity bundle, the wireless dock bundle, and the case bundles. If you’re thinking of pre-ordering one or, more realistically, planning to buy it when it inevitably goes on sale, here is a simple breakdown of what each bundle or variant has to offer and how much extra each additional feature costs.

$149.99 | Base Fire HD 10

The cheapest Fire HD 10 tablet costs $149.99. The specs that it includes, which can be upgraded, are: 32 GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM, lock screen ads, no wireless charging, and no case. All colors cost the same and include Black, Denim (blue), Lavendar (pink), and Olive (green). If the tablet goes on sale for Prime Day later this year, I expect it will drop to between $119.99 and $99.99. The lowest price the previous model ever dropped to was $79.99, but that didn’t happen until it was over 1 year old.

+$40 | Double storage to 64GB

No matter which variant or bundle you buy, doubling the storage from 32GB to 64GB will cost an additional $40. The only caveat to this is that none of the “Kids” variants, which will be discussed in detail below, are available with 64GB of storage. All “Kids” versions only come with 32GB of storage.

+$15 | Remove Ads

The base Fire HD 10 tablet will display ads on the lock screen. If you want one without ads it will cost $15 more. You can buy the black color without ads but if you want any of the other colors without ads, you’ll need to buy them with ads and then pay $15 on the tablet itself to remove the ads. It’s also worth noting that the Kids versions, which cost $50 extra and are discussed in more detail below, also do not have ads.

+$75.97 | Add Case + Screen Protector + Fast Charger

The Fire HD 10 can be purchased in a bundle that includes a case, screen protector, and fast charger for $75.97 extra, however, there is currently no benefit to buying this bundle because it costs exactly the same as buying the 3 items seperately. The case costs $39.99 on its own, the screen protector costs $15.99 on its own, and the fast charger costs $19.99 on its own. Together they equal $75.97 so you don’t currently save anything by bundling them together with the tablet.

+$70 | Adds Bluetooth Keyboard Case, Adds 1-year Microsoft 365 subscription

The Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle costs $70 more than the base model and includes a Bluetooth Keyboard Case and a 1-year subscription to Microsoft 365. The Bluetooth Keyboard case costs $49.99 on its own and the 1-year Microsoft 365 subscription costs $69.99 on its own. Bundling them with the Fire HD 10 saves you $49.98. You can still double the storage to 64GB (+$40), remove ads (+$15), or both (+$55) with this productivity bundle. Unfortunately, you cannot get this bundle with the Fire HD 10 Plus variant, which is discussed next.

+$30 | Adds 1GB RAM, Adds Wireless Charging, Adds Soft-touch finish

The Fire HD 10 Plus costs $30 more than the base model and adds an extra 1GB of RAM, wireless charging capabilities, and a “premium” soft-touch finish. If you want these additions, you can also get them with 64GB of storage (+$40), with ads removed (+$15), or with both 64GB and no ads(+$55). Note that the “Plus” model is only available in black and you cannot get the “Plus” model with the productivity bundle or with any of the “Kids” variants.

+$40 | Adds Wireless Charger Stand

If you get the Fire HD 10 Plus with wireless charging capabilities, you can get it bundled with a Wireless Charger for an extra $40. The charger on its own costs $49.99, so getting it bundled saves you $9.99.

+$50 | Adds Kid-proof case, Adds 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription, Adds 2-year guarantee

The Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is identical to the base model but costs $50 more. For that extra cost you get a thick “kid-proof” case, which costs $34.99 on its own, a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which costs between $36 on its own for Prime members and $60 for non-Prime members, and a 2-year replacement guarantee. The case and the subscription for Prime members cost $70 on their own together, so this bundle saves you $20 on just those two items, plus you get the other extras.

+$50 | Adds Slim Kid case, Adds 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription, Adds 2-year guarantee

The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet is identical to the non-Pro version discussed in the previous section but you get a slim kids case instead of the bulky “kid-proof” case. The cost of this case on its own is unknown at this time. All the other perks are the same.

  1. Mark says:

    Amazing there is a chip shortage in the world, vehicle productions halted, etc…, but Amazon has plenty to go around it seems.

  2. aross1976 says:

    Ugliest color choices yet

    What happened to the white?

    The white and the aluminum were the best colors they ever made, they need to bring them back and stop messing with the color options,

    the cases are especially UGLY this time around too

    they had it about right with the 2019 colors and cases

  3. aross1976 says:

    Not including a dock connector and folio keyboard case option and only bundling it with a bluetooth keyboard was bad enough
    but M$ 365 makes it even worse , ain’t nobody want to pay for software on a subscription basis, no thanks I rather OWN my own software than rent it
    from the likes of M$

    I don’t really GAF about wireless charging on a tablet, I would have much rather they added a magnetic 3 pin dock / folio connector instead

    • Neogeo71 says:

      I think they missed a real opportunity to put a trackpad or at least a pointer nub on the keyboard. I find having to touch the screen in keyboard mode a pain…

  4. Shirley Dulcey says:

    Only some versions are available off the shelf without ads. But you can upgrade ANY Fire tablet to ad-free by paying the $15 later, so there is no particular benefit to getting it ad-free at purchase time.

  5. Scott Bergin says:

    Does the new hd10 (2021) have micro sd storage capabilities?

    • Scott Bergin says:

      Found the answer. Didnt see the first post on new devices. “…but that’s not entirely necessary since there is still a microSD card slot with support for up to 1TB of external storage.”

  6. Jorgen says:

    Is this a retina screen? What is PPI?
    Wondering how it compares with entry level iPad.

    • PPI is 224. For media consumption, I’d say Fire tablets are on par with iPads, but iPads are better in many other regards due to their more robust app ecosystem. If you’re looking to watch videos, browse the web, and do light tasks, go with a Fire tablet, but if you’re looking for a laptop replacement, then go with an iPad. Remember that the base iPad is double the price (and triple the price when the Fire tablets are on sale) of a Fire HD 10.

  7. Kramar says:

    Buy any 2, save 25% or
    Buy any 2, save 30% for Kids versions

    Offer expires at 09:00 a.m. (PT) June 6th, 2021.

  8. Danner says:

    Kind of wish I could get a Plus with the keyboard and wireless charging stand.

  9. Kai says:

    Soft-touch is like *the* worst invention of the 21th-century. Too bad, it‘s not possible to get the higher specs with the standard plastic housing.

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