Simple TV Display app for turning a Fire TV into a sign/billboard is currently Free — Normally $19.99

The Fire TV app Simple TV Display has just gone free. This app normally costs $19.99 and has been free only once before, back in 2019. The app, as the name implies, is quite simple since all it does is display a webpage, video, or image on the Fire TV. The intention is to use a TV with a connected Fire TV as a sign, billboard, or menu. There are many apps and services that can do this, but, unlike this one, most are part of an online remote management system that tries to get you to sign up for a subscription. If you’ve got a need for such an app and just want an offline version with the basics, here’s your chance to get this one for free. The app is compatible with every model of Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Smart TV/Soundbar.

  1. Since people tend to question my motive when posting about some random app, rest assured that this is not an ad or sponsored post. I’ve never been paid to post anything and have no intention on starting anytime soon. The author of this app has no idea I’m posting about it. I just spotted that it’s temporarily free and thought that some of you might be interested in the deal.

  2. Patrick says:

    Only Not :(

    • Joe says:

      Once again, Canadian customers get the short end of the Amazon stick for content :(

      • roligov says:

        Cheers for the heads up Elias!

        @Patrick and @Joe, you should be able to login to the .com site with your Canadian credentials and “purchase” the app. I used my UK creds to login to the .com site to “purchase” this.

  3. RedPenguin says:

    I don’t even need this as a feature but it’s cool to have just in case. Also I can’t pass up a $20 App for free. :)

  4. mrvco says:

    Followed the link on my Android phone and I can’t find it in the Amazon App Store app.

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