Silk Browser for Fire TV updated with support for 4K YouTube

Amazon has updated the Silk Browser for Fire TV devices to support 4K video playback on YouTube. The new update, carrying version number, is starting to roll, but the new version appears to only be rolling out to select devices, as it’s not yet available to all Fire TV models.

If you own one of the newer Fire TV models and are thinking to yourself that you’ve already been able to watch 4K YouTube videos in Silk for a while, you’re not wrong. Amazon quietly released partial 4K video support in Silk back in April with version 65 of the browser, but that update only brought 4K YouTube playback to some of the Fire TV models. This new update adds that support to all 4K capable Fire TVs, which are the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV 3 (pendant), Fire TV 2, and the Fire TV Edition televisions.

For all 4K capable Fire TV models except the Fire TV 2, the Silk Browser is always displayed in 4K and browsing YouTube in the browser will automatically stream 4K videos when available. For the Fire TV 2, things are a little different. Since the Fire TV 2 only supports 4K at 30 frames per second and is intended to only switch from 1080p to 4K for video playback, the Silk Browser actually only switches your television to 4K when you’re browsing YouTube. Loading any other website will leave your TV set to 1080p. Presumably, this is done to preserve the smoothness of 60 frames per second navigation.

This update appears to be rolling out in phases, similar to how Fire TV operating system updates roll out slowly to a few devices at a time, so the Silk update may not be available to your specific device yet. It seems as though the Fire TV 1 and Fire TV 2 are only receiving the update so far.

  1. Ttttttt says:

    Someone back this up and upload it to cloud storage please.

  2. J$ says:

    Does this allow for hdr YouTube playback?

  3. smeltn says:

    when oh when will we get our native youtube app back?!?!

  4. BobR says:

    My FTV 1 and both Cubes have the update even though I don’t have any 4k displays. Now my cube attached via my AVR once again flashes the display a few times when I switch inputs back to the Cube. Frustrating, I thought I had cracked that nut a few weeks back.

  5. Seriously though says:

    Seriously though will someone back up this version or higher to some sort of cloud storage for me? I don’t have access to the amazon app store on my stick.

  6. I'm super serial says:

    Any cloud storage will do fine. Please back up this apk for us. Please help.

  7. Elmar says:

    is there any way to force silk browser NOT to display youtube in 4k when the device itself outputs 1080p?

    my scenario, i have a ftv3 in the living room, hooked to a hdmi switch which sends the signal to 4 different displays in 4 rooms. some of the displays are 4k ready, some are not. for real 4k watching i have different setups. The tfv3 is set to auto so for everything i play, prime video, netflix etc… it is displayed in 1080p on every device, but turning on youtube in silk outputs even the menu of youtube in 4k which results in 2 out 4 displays not receinving a signal…
    my solution now is to use a ftv2 but this breaks streaming in my lan environment since the cpu is not fast enough…

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