Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire on a Windows PC

This guide shows you how to sideload APK files like Kodi onto a 1st-gen Fire TV, 2nd-gen Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick using adbFire on a Windows PC.

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, enable ADB Debugging on your Fire TV. If you don’t know how to do that, follow this guide.
  2. Download and install the Windows version of adbFire.
  3. Click the “New” button near the top to setup your Fire TV connection.
  4. Enter anything you want in the “Description” field, and enter your Fire TV’s IP address in the “Address” field. Then click “Save”. If you don’t know your Fire TV’s IP address, then follow this guide.
  5. Click the “Install APK” button and select the APK you want to sideload.
  6. Click “Yes” to confirm that you want to install the selected APK.
  7. Wait for the APK to install. This could take several minutes depending on the size of the APK file.
  8. Click “OK” once the APK finishes installing.
  9. You can launch the sideloaded app by navigating to
    Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.
  10. When you’re done sideloading APKs, click the “Disconnect” button.

Note: If you run into issues, click the “View Log” button to see possible error messages. There is also a standard ADB command-line accessible through the “ADB Shell” button.

  1. Josh says:

    Using adbfire latest version. It says device offline referring to fire tv. This is a fire tv 2nd gen.

  2. dz says:

    device not connected ?? using windows 10, I can see firetv connected on my computer
    pls suggest

  3. David says:

    Device won’t connect on windows 10?

  4. David says:

    Any suggestions?

  5. Hollywood says:

    David, Have you connected the stick to your wifi network first?

  6. Emily says:

    I’m trying to sideload a bluetooth controller. Can I use this program? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  7. Justin says:

    Finally got Kodi up and running. Thanks so much!!

  8. Superb121 says:

    Few steps missing here in the new version of the loader.

    – Click connect after entering the firetv IP address details in “new”.
    – The “Connected devices” box should now show your firetv IP.
    – Download the correct version of Kodi Isengard ARM from their website.
    – Then click install APK and select the kodi image.

    • HagerBombs says:

      After I download Kodi when I click “install APK” it open up folders on my computer to select from. The Kodi folder will not just install. I click “Open” and then there are all sorts of other folders i.e. “Addons”, “Media”, etc.

      How do I know which folder to open and install?

      Sorry I am a noob

  9. anwahs says:

    ok i’m feeling real slow. sumn is not working correctly. i have entered my ip address correctly but cant get this to connect to adb. debugging is on, is there sumn else i need to do? this is the second windows (7 &10) that i have downloaded adb on to.

  10. John says:

    adbfire doesnt seem to work anymore for me to connect to my firetv
    still works fine connecting the fire stick
    (win 10)
    I know it worked before, because that’s how i got Kodi and Firestarter installed in the first place.

  11. Olli says: English is very bad but wizh Windows 10 you must deactivate the xbmc App Fire Starter then you can connect to Kodi.It worhs fine..
    Perhaps stop runnunig your Firewall and your Virus scanner too.
    Greetings from Hamburg

    • RickyG says:

      Your English is very bad but you solved my issue! I never would have guessed to uninstall fire starter first. Thanks dude!

    • Mark says:

      Thank you. That link helped me out a lot. Tried other things couldn’t get them to work. But that link was so easy.

  12. Raj says:

    Peeps I hads a issue with my adblink conecting to my firetv stick after using. So after diagnosing it I came up with if you go back into your firestick setting, developers too and toggle off then back on the 2 options to allow unknown sources then it’ll connect with no probs. Just do that whenever it decides not to reconnect.

  13. Jerry says:

    My adb working fine up to today .adb wont’t connectanymore with firestick and says device isnot connected.I didabd debugging feset my router restart pc etc. and nothing works.any adviceI will be appreciate

  14. bigfootnells says:

    MY computer says this app/download is not safe and will infect my computer with many viruses. What gives ?

  15. jackson says:

    link for adbfire is dead

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