Sideclick Universal Remote for Fire TV devices is on sale for $19.99

Best Buy has just put the Sideclick Universal Remote on sale for $19.99. That’s $10 ff its regular price of $29.99. The Sideclick attaches to the side of any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote to provide a column of 8 programmable IR buttons. I’m a big fan of this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking to reduce the number of remotes they use. Everything you need to use the Sideclick with any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote is included in the box, so you don’t need to worry about buying the correct attachment. The only remote that it does not work with is the Fire TV Edition television remote.

  1. Hudson says:

    i bought one during the last sale. it’s so worth the price. i no longer need to hunt around for my tv remote when i want to adjust the volume or turn off the tv.

  2. Devo says:

    why not using the tv remote via cec instead? with my 2013 samsung all buttons are working.

    • Oved says:

      That’s like asking someone who is waiting at the airport “Why not use a private jet instead?”

      Yeah, sure that would be a good solution, but it’s just not an option that everyone has available to them.

  3. Hugh Dinwiddie says:

    Because it’s a learning remote it can be used for other things, too. I used one to duplicate the essential functions for a projector in a large meeting room for presentations and it worked great. I used it for on/off, focus, screen size, input switching, and volume control. I just trimmed off the plastic to get rid of the device-specific mounting parts.

  4. beq says:

    Does anyone know if it supports the IR codes for TCL Roku television sets?

    I have a few old Sideclicks (the Roku attachment package) in the closet somewhere, so can’t test yet. But they weren’t IR learning compatible with a family member’s previous TV set (I don’t recall if it was an LG or Vizio).

    As well, I recently got another brand learning IR accessory for the Fire TV remote, which turned out not to be compatible with the TCL Roku TV let’s IR codes for some reason. That’s why I’m asking.

  5. Robert M Katz says:

    I don’t get these things. You can just use a $3 usb OTG and a $13 remote that has a keyboard and a mouse pointer

  6. Keith says:

    These things are pretty handy. But I think they’ll be obsolete pretty soon.I just got rid of my bedroom TV that uses IR.So I have no use for the sideclick.
    I’m not sure you can buy a new TV that uses ir. The set I bought for the bedroom was pretty cheap, probably a model from over 2 years ago and it uses BT.

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