Sideclick Universal Remote attachment fits the new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

For anyone who is wondering, the Sideclick universal remote attachment fits the new Alexa Voice Remote perfectly. While the main purpose of buying the Sideclick for many people is to add power and volume buttons to your Fire TV remote, if those added buttons on the new Alexa Voice Remote still aren’t enough, you can still use a Sideclick to expand its capabilities. Even though the first three buttons on the Sideclick are meant to be used for power and volume controls, like all the buttons on the Sideclick, they can be programmed to do anything you want. So if you’re using the new Fire TV remote’s built-in power and volume buttons for your TV, you can use the Sideclick buttons to control your soundbar, AV receiver, or anything else. See my review of the Sideclick for more information.

  1. todd says:

    Why, oh why, does Amazon not incorporate a remote finder on the remote like my dishtv remote?? seriously, but happy to apy a few bucks more per unit…

    suppose they’d rather keep selling the remotes separately for $30

  2. Jon Thomas says:

    Why,oh why,does sidekick and Elias keep peddling this remote attachment tosh. Absolute garbage and is even less relevant with the new remotes. If you are tempted for even a millisecond then put one in your hand and see how it feels…

  3. Adam Selene says:

    @Jon Thomas
    What’s the alternative? I don’t know of a cleaner solution to get down to one remote. The new Fire Remote still doesn’t have enough buttons (no input switcher, for one thing).

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