Sideclick plans to relaunch campaign with improved design

Sideclick, the Kickstarter project that wants to reduce your remote clutter by attaching a strip of universally programmable buttons to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, is expecting to fall just short of their campaign goal, but is already planning to relaunch in June with an improved design. Sideclick’s creators have been especially open to feedback from their over 2,500 backers and will be using that feedback to relaunch their campaign in with an improved product while also managing to lower the product’s price.

The redesigned Sideclick will use the same button strip for all remotes instead of a unique Sideclick model for each remote they support. It will instead rely on a low cost clip to attach the new single Sideclick model to different remote models. Each remote model they support, which will still include the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, will have a unique clip design. This will allow Sideclick’s creators to lower production costs and in turn lower their campaign goal and increase the number of early backer discounts they can offer. Additionally, customers will be able to re-use their Sideclick with future remotes by purchasing a new $5 clip instead of having to purchase an entirely new Sideclick.

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  1. Neogeo71 says:

    i want this in a big way, nice redesign…

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