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Sideclick is an attachment for any model Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote, that provides eight universally programable buttons which allow you to control your TV and other A/V equipment using one remote. The device came to be through a successful Kickstarter project and is now starting to ship to the thousands of backers that contributed to the campaign. I had a chance to review the prototype last year, but now that I’ve used the final product, I can pleasently say it’s the best purchase a Fire TV owner can make, if they want to reduce the number of remotes they use, without losing any Fire TV functionality. Read on for my full review as well as how you can enter to win one of two Sideclick remotes that I’m giving away.


When you purchase the Sideclick starter kit for the Amazon Fire TV, you’ll receive one Sideclick remote, an attachment clip made for the Fire TV voice remote, an attachment clip made for the Fire TV Stick non-voice remote, and two AAA batteries needed to power the Sideclick. The single voice remote clip works with both the new and old voice remote, while the non-voice remote clip is used only for the Fire TV Stick non-voice remote. In the kit, you get everything you need to immediately use the Sideclick with any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote, regardless of which model you own. The Sideclick starter kit has a retail price of $29.99 and is available at or through Amazon, once stock reaches Amazon’s fullfilment centers. Orders of $50 or more ship for free through Sideclick’s website, but if you’re just ordering one unit, and don’t mind waiting a bit longer to receive your Sideclick, you’re better off ordering from Amazon to avoid the $5 shipping fee charged by Sideclick’s website.


The idea behind the Sideclick’s detachable clipping mechanism is that, when the time comes to upgrade your streaming device, you’ll only need to purchase a new compatible clip and continue using the same Sideclick remote, instead of having to purchase an entirely new starter kit. Sideclick currently offers clips for all Roku remotes, the Nexus Player remote, and the previous generation Apple TV remote. Clips for other streaming devices, like the new Apple TV voice remote, are in the works. The clips on their own cost between $7.99 and $9.99.


Programming the Sideclick remote to work with your devices is very easy and flexible. Thanks to some clever button detection that puts the Sideclick remote into learning mode when you press the POWER and B buttons simultaneously, there is no need for a dedicated learning button, meaning all eight buttons on the Sideclick can be assigned to replicate the function of a remote you currently own. Once the Sideclick is in learning mode, indicated by a flashing LED, you simply press the Sideclick button you want to program, point it at any stock remote you own, and press the button on the stock remote that you want the Sideclick to replicate. The icons printed on the Sideclick remote’s buttons are just a suggestion since any button can be assigned to any function you wish. You can also use the Sideclick to control multiple devices by using different remotes to program the Sideclick remote’s buttons.


The fit and finish of the Sideclick remote is top notch. The clip hugs the Fire TV remote perfectly with enough force to prevent any sliding during use, but not so much force that it’s difficult to remove the clip. The design has been improved to now use only a single clip, instead of two clips like on the prototype, without compromising stability. The Sideclick remote compliments the Fire TV voice remote better than than the non-voice remote, mostly due to the size of each remote relative to the Sideclick. For Fire TV Stick owners with the non-voice remote, I would suggest considering the PiggyBack Remote by Mission Cables, as long as you’re okay with fewer programmable buttons and the slight awkwardness of having buttons underneath the remote.


Functionally, the Sideclick remote works great. It worked with every IR device in my A/V cabinet without any issues. It even worked well with one particularly troublesome device I have which seems to use an unusual IR pattern that has tripped up other IR learning remotes I’ve used in the past. Sideclick worked perfectly in tandem with with my FLIRC USB receiver, allowing me to directly trigger Fire TV functionality, like putting the Fire TV to sleep, or advanced functions within apps like Kodi. The soft rubber buttons on the Sideclick feel responsive, and while you do feel a nice click when they’re pressed, I do wish the click was more audible, but that’s just a personal preference.


Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend the Sideclick remote to anyone looking to reduce the number of remotes they have to use with their Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. The universal remotes that can control the Fire TV, like the Logitech Harmony remote, come with sacrifices, like losing the ability to use voice input, not to mention a hefty pricetag. If the Fire TV is the primary device of your home entertainment setup, it doesn’t make sense to replace the remote you use the most with a universal remote that can’t fully replicate the Fire TV remote’s functionality. By adding additional functionality to the remote you use most, Sideclick streamlines your remote control use without compromising any of your Fire TV’s features.


To thank AFTVnews readers for being the top source of contributors in Sideclick’s Kickstarter campaign, Brett and Jenn Epstein, the husband and wife team behind Sideclick, have given me a pair of extra Sideclick Fire TV Starter Kits which I’ll be giving away at the end of the week during my podcast livestream.

To be eligible for the first Sideclick, simply reply to the first comment below and say something nice about Sideclick or AFTVnews. You must enter your email address, which will remain private, in the comment form, so that I have a way to contact you. Only one reply to the first comment, per person, is allowed. I will check my server logs for duplicates and disqualify those who reply more than once.

To be eligible for the second Sideclick, simply tweet something nice about Sideclick or AFTVnews. You must include @AFTVnews @SideclickRemote in your tweet and you must be following @AFTVnews, so that I can find your tweet and contact you via direct message.

You’re welcome to enter both giveaways to double your chance of winning. You do not have to watch the podcast to win. You’re also welcome to make additional comments below that are not a reply to the first comment. Additional comments, which are not a reply to the first comment, will not disqualify you.


Congratulations to Scott, who won first giveaway, and to Laura, who won the second giveaway. Both winners have been contacted and have already replied with their shipping address. You can see the drawing take place in the 37th episode of the AFTVnewscast.

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        It’s not hard to come up with something nice to say about AFTV News. Put simply, it rawks! Not only is it chock full of timely, valuable information, but it’s saved me a chunk of dough on items like bluetooth keyboards, accessories, and apps. The reviews are thorough and unbiased, and the how-to guides are a freakin’ goldmine. If I was on a desert island (that had WiFi) and my browser got stuck on a single site, I would hope it’d be

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for being such an informative site AFTVnews! Without this site I would have never known about the Sideclip. Plan on getting one in the future.

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        Im a new user of the fire tv, when i say its easy, i mean i finally found something the wife now says yes to!!! And i mean the first electronic device haha, if it wasnt for me finding @AFTVNEWS, i would have been lost! I love the way the box just works! Offers a ton of features and doesnt need a lot of set up! Family approved kids love it and so does everyone else! Now please make me the winner :) thanks so much for this gift, i am appreciative! :)

      • Kevin McArdle says:

        So glad I have a great resource like yours to read unbiased information. Glad you’re part of the Amazon team too!

      • Eran says:

        Finally no need to carry all my remotes when watching TV. Great article AFTVNews! Glad I read here so often to come by such great products

      • Jason says:

        I can’t wait for mine too be delivered. I’ve been super pumped since they first announced it.

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        Aftv news is awesome. Side click looks cool too

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        This site is awesome. Thank you for doing the hard work so we don’t have to. We cut the cable and went with the 4k set top a month ago. Ever since I stumbled upon your site, it has been my go to for anything I’ve needed. I am especially grateful for the amazing guides. Your Kodi guide allowed me to confidently cut the cable. Great job man.

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        This is my go-to site for all things Fire TV!

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      thanks for all the great info on this site!

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      AFTVnews is the best site for information related to Amazon devices. The Sideclick looks like a very nice addon.

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      I would’ve never imagined a blog specifically dedicated to one specific streaming video box would become essential reading, but that’s just what AFTVnews has done. Thanks so much, Elias, for everything you’ve done over the past couple of years, and for making my Fire TV so much more useful!

    • Kurt Werner says:

      My only source for Fire TV info!

    • Rajendrakumar says:

      AFTVnews is the first dedicated blog about Fire TV and it’s features. This blog is now become a reference guide for those who want to try to get more out of Fire TV/Stick other than the basic Amazon prime contents.

      I love the podcast feature because it just gives the summary of the entire week findings of AFTVNews in single episode…

      Really appreciate the effort that AFTVNews putting on this blog..

      Looking forward for more tips and tricks with new finds for Fire TV and it’s siblings.

    • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      The SideClick Remote looks great, and it’s an Excellent accessory that adds functionality to the FireTV remote.

      I was going to buy one, so if I get one for free would be very happy!

      Elias, I really Appreciate your review of this product!

    • Barusch Benitez says:

      AFTVnews is simply the best site for info not only for Fire TV, but for all Amazon propietary products.
      Thank you!

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      AFTV rules!

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      Sideclick looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks AFTV News for keeping us up-to-date!

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      AFTVnews is one of the sites I check every day. It’s cost me a little bit of money here and there [1] but I keep coming back. :)

      I’m looking forward to my Sideclick arriving. Another one would be useful since I use multiple remotes in different rooms to control the same FireTV (with the HDMI distributed to the different rooms).

      [1] I supported the Sideclick Kickstarter reboot based on what I read here. I hadn’t made up my mind before then.

    • Paul Durham says:

      Thanks for your excellent FTV coverage!

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      Sideclick simplifies control of TV/Media Streamer setups. Less remotes, less clutter.

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      Sideclick is now on my Amazon wishlist.

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      Sideclick seems like a great project, successfully brought to life by a husband and wife – go small business and entrepreneurship! Aftvnews has always helped me with any queries (things seem to move so quickly in the market!) And I like how they highlight worthwhile projects and actively suggest people donate to hard working individuals behind the scene. Good karma there buddy :)

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    • TechyChris says:

      It’s refreshing to see a an innovative product come along now and then that actually adds value to the Amazon Fire TV, Sideclick looks like one of these products. I read your very detailed review Elias (as usual!) but I do have 2 questions if you could kindly investigate:
      1. Is the ink on the Sideclick’s icons at least as durable as the Fire TV remote (which seems to be high quality compared to other remotes)
      2. Are there any future plans to make the buttons light up (or at least glow in the dark?) Keep up the good work!

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      The new Sideclick remote would be the perfect addition to my FireTV Remote. I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to raise and lower the volume of my TV while using my Fire stick and couldn’t find the TV remote!!!

    • Eddie says:

      This is an awesome idea, definitely will help cutting back on the remotes.

    • Keith says:

      I remember this when it was 1st introduced. At the time I thought it was a great idea (still do if you have a gen 1 aftv.) But with gen 2 I can do everything with my TV remote except voice commands. Still though I have a 1st gen aftv & stick so Ill probably pick up one. Personally I think every modern device including htpc should be made to work out of the box but since they dont someone needs to fill the void. So kudos to these guys. Glad it worked out!

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      Thank you for the giveaway as well. Good luck to everyone.

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      Awsome site and it’s the one-stop place for anything to do with the FireTV.

      Reviews are awsome and in-depth, guides are detailed and easy to follow and the support on behalf of Elias is unquestionable.

      All in all, awsome site and the only source I recommend for anyone wanting to know anything about a FireTV

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      Glad to hear that the site has become your main focus. Always getting caught up on something new each visit.

      ( free stuff please! )


      [ ^ Lonely FTV remote ]

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      I backed the first Kickstart and the successful 2nd campaign. I am on pins &needles waiting for it. We loose the aftv remote daily because it is so small, I am hoping that problem will go away with the sideclick attached. Thank you Aftvnews for steering me to the Kickstarter Web page last year.

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    Comments that appear after this comment are NOT considered an entry into the giveaway. You must specifically reply to the first comment to be entered.

    \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

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