Showtime’s new à la carte service launches on Fire TV with new app


Not to let HBO Now have all the fun, Showtime has just launched their stand-alone streaming service on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and along with the new service is a new Showtime app. The new Showtime service gives you full access to Showtime’s on-demand content library in addition to a live stream of what is currently airing on the network. The service will run you $10.99 per month with no need for a cable subscription like with the old Showtime app. Showtime is offering Fire TV owners a 30 day free trial to give the new service a tray.

  1. Dave69 says:

    I’m giving it a try. Why not…….30 days free. By the way to cancel or manage your subscription you will need to log on to your Amazon account and look under subscriptions.

  2. Criag says:

    I’ve been trying for the past 4 hours without success. This is BS service.
    FIX IT!

    ” We’re sorry! We are experiencing a problem with video playback.
    Pls try again later.

  3. Dave69 says:

    Mines been playing fine. My big disappointment is that only 2 of showtimes live feeds are available – showtime east and showtime west.

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