Showtime standalone service launching on Apple devices in July

In a move mirroring HBO Now, Showtime will be launching a new standalone subscription service next month. The new service, simply named Showtime, will undercut HBO by $4 and cost $10.99 per month. Unlike the current Showtime Anytime app, the new service will not require a subscription or cable service. The service will initially be available on Apple devices and online only. No word yet on when Apple’s exclusivity will end or when the service will be available on Fire TV devices. Showtime being available on the Fire TV at launch indicates the company has a good relationship with Amazon, so I’d expect the new service to be available on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick shortly after Apple’s exclusivity deal ends.


  1. chris says:

    Showtime is actually CBS, and they have a good relationship with everyone. You know they have good relationships when they are able to wor k hand and hand with their biggest competitor HBO to put on the biggest fight ever in the span of under two months. HBO could not get it done when they had Mayweather, but Showtime and Les Moonves was able to get it done. Showtime will of course be on the Fire TV, cause they will go where their competition goes. Any device HBO is on, you can expect to see Showtime on also, and vise versa.

  2. RgnKjnVA says:

    Annoys the **** out of me that Apple get exclusivity for every freakin’ new product to hit the market. >= (

    …and I’m not even interested in Showtime!

  3. Dave69 says:

    So when showtime implements something like this would you be able to watch all of their available channels, such as all of the showtimes, movie channels and flix?

  4. Joe says:

    Sigh….another Apple TV exclusive. Amazon has billions in the bank. Why don’t they sign some exclusive deals and at least try to compete with Apple TV?

  5. chris says:

    Its not Amazons fault that Apple has a bigger budget to spend on deals like this. The world is built on the highest bidder getting the product. No reason to be mad at Apple for having the money to spend. Also, nobody is competing with the Apple TV, cause its in a league of its own. Android is basically competing with other Android devices to see which device come in third place behind the Apple TV and Roku. Apple TV and Roku are number one and Number two in the set top box arena, and not one Android device can keep up. Even chromecast is outselling most Android boxes. Fire TV may be number three in the race, but its a distant three. Don’t be fooled by all the market share articles sying how Android has the lead, cause its very misleadiing. Sure Android has the marketshare, but it takes them over 200 devices made by several different companies just to has a small lead over IOS. No single Android device can compete with any Apple device. Android boxes cannot compete with the Apple TV, Android tablets cannot compete with the ipad and I think we all know that no device can compete with the iphone. In reality, lie I said, these compnies know they have no chance of competing with Apple right now so they are competing with other Android devices. I guarantee Amazon sees Samsung and Nvidia as there competition, cause they know they aren’t able to compete with Apple. I strictly an Android user and even i can see the big picture, Apple won a long time ago and everyone is fighting for second and third place.

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