Showtime and Paramount+ set bundled price at $11.99

Showtime and Paramount+, both of which are owned by parent company ViacomCBS, have announced their bundled pricing to be $11.99 per month. That saves you $3.99 per month, compared to subscribing to each service individually. The $11.99 bundled price includes the ad-supported version of Paramount+ and does not gave access to your local live CBS channel. For the ad-free version of Paramount+ with access to CBS, you’ll have to pay $14.99 for the bundle. To save a bit more, you can pay $119.99 annually for the cheaper bundle, which saves you $23.89 a year over paying $11.99 monthly, or pay $149.99 annually for the better bundle, which saves you $29.89 a year compared to paying $14.99 monthly. Showtime and Paramount+ first introduced their bundled plan a month ago at an introductory price but did not reveal the true ongoing price until now.

  1. Strang says:

    Can we get this bundle through Amazon channels yet? I have both already through Amazon and look forward to paying less.

  2. hectare says:

    If only there was content with watching on Showtime. I used the $.99 deal of few months back and never found anything with my time.

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