Several Motorola, LG, and Nokia Prime Exclusive Phones have gone on sale [Expired]

Amazon has just put several of their Prime Exclusive Phones on sale at greater discounts than the program normally offers. Phones range in price from the Moto X4 for $279.99 down to the LG X Charge for $119.99 and everything in between. Some of the discounts are as much as $50 off of the already reduced price.

  1. clocks says:

    Not sure I understand why someone would buy the Moto X4. The G5 Plus seems to be 99% the same phone, but a lot less money. Does one really need that extra 0.2ghz, or a glass back that is more prone to breaking?

    I’d pick the 4gb version of the G5 Plus. Get an extra gb of ram, extra 32gb of storage, and save $80.

  2. hawkstead says:

    What happened to the Blu R1 HD? I have one and wanted to get another on the cheap.
    Anything comparable if it’s not in the mix?

    • Manaurys Suazo says:

      They been removed due to privacy concerns they were sending data to China

      • clocks says:

        I think that may be inaccurate, as I thought I saw them being sold after that fiasco. I suspect they are no longer being sold since it is an older phone. Phones seem to be dropping off or being added fairly regularly. The Alcatel A30 Plus was only part of the program for a few months.

        • AFTVnews says:

          The BLU R1 was removed but then returned. It’s still available for $84.99, but it’s no longer part of the Prime Exclusive Phone lineup. It dropped off around May of this year.

  3. piffregister says:

    Love the Moto G-series phones. Unfortunately, I will never buy the Prime edition, because the bootloaders can’t be unlocked. On a Moto phone, that means the device is basically unrootable.

  4. Michael says:

    Are any of these phones dual sim? I love the Blu R1 HD phone for that reason. Use T-mobile and Red Pocket flawlessly, but would love to get a new phone with upgraded camera. Maybe on your big chart you created, next update add that column?

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