Select Fire TV customers are getting $10 Prime Video credit for free

It appears as though Amazon is offering select Fire TV owners a $10 Prime Video credit for free, according to a thread on the Slickdeals forum. Judging by the replies in the thread, this is a very limited targeted offer, meaning most people will not see the banner. For the lucky few who are selected, the above banner will appear on your Fire TV. Selecting the banner will take you to a screen with a “Redeem Now” button that prompts you to enter your Amazon username and password. After doing so, you’ll have $10 of free credit to use towards the purchase or rental of movies or TV shows from Amazon.

  1. Justin Seine says:

    I would think that they would be targeting a customer like me who has been on board with both Prime and the Fire TV ecosystem from the GetGo but have never purchased a movie nor TV show from them. BUT – Apparently not. I did not get the banner. And even of I do, I won’t bite.

    • xnamkcor says:

      A banner that asks for your username and password? What could go wrong?

    • Chris says:

      WRONG! You are exactly the customer that shouldn’t receive this promotion. A worthy company should reward its loyal customers, not the apathetic ones. While you might be loyal to their Prime service and their Fire TV hardware, you’ve never demonstrated loyalty to purchasing content from Amazon. As such, you are not deserving of a credit for your lack of support.

      If Amazon were to give you, or customers like you, a credit for their lack of support, then they would be behaving in much the same way as the cable companies. Huge promotions are given to “first-time” subscribers, while the loyal customers are constantly given higher and higher rates. This is exactly why people grew to hate the cable industry. If you think that your lack of enthusiasm and funding toward Amazon’s video rental service somehow entitles you to undeserving concessions, you are sorely mistaken.

      • Justin Seine says:

        I have never purchased a movie nor TV show from them but I use Prime all the time. I am looking at it not as a reward but as a piece of bait. They want into my pocket so they would be hanging a carrot on a stick in front of my nose. They grow their business by getting more people to buy more stuff from them. Right now they see me as a window shopper so I would think they would want to pull me into the store and Sell! Sell! Sell!

        True, they do sometimes reward loyal customers. But it is in their better interest to get new buyers in. DirecTV, before I cut the cord, would frequently offer weekends of free premium channels to all subscribers. XM Satellite Radio does the same. Obviously not to reward those whom already subscribe to those services but to those who do not by giving them a taste of the honey.

        It is marketing, not post sale followup.

  2. Charlie says:

    Why would you have to go from your device to again validate your ID? Makes my trust-no-one sense alert.

    • Justin Seine says:

      IT project delivery is no longer measured on function, performance, security and usability. They are measured on schedule (time to market) and cost. That is why testing is left to the end users post production implementation. That is why security is an after thought. The only aspects of today’s IT projects that matter is how fast they can get the system out the door. If customers complain loud enough and long enough some broken pieces will be fixed. Security will be addressed only if it looks like a lawsuit could be in the wind. (Think Equifax, Verizon, Target, Uber, Facebook, Deloitte, Dun and Bradstreet, Panera, Saks, Lord and Taylor…..)

      Sad but True – AMEN to TNO.

  3. Noman Penn says:

    My first thought, why would Amazon ask me for my account credentials on their device that I am already logged into? Reality Amazon would apply the $10 to the account holder of the device anyway. So why the credentials?

    I would not enter my credentials. I would call Amazon technical support and suggest they stop using this type of promotion. The reason, need to find a better way to promote whatever needs promoting.

    Today’s world, do not train your customers to be less security conscious Amazon.

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