Select customers can get the Fire TV Stick 4K for $29.99

Amazon is currently running a targeted promotion that allows select customers to buy a Fire TV Stick 4K for $29.99 using promo code POWERFUL4K. You can also try the promo code 4KUPGRADE. The savings code will only work for certain customers and there is no way to know who those customers are or why they qualify. The offer terms indicate that this is an upgrade promotion being sent out to customers who have previously purchased or registered a streaming device, but having purchased a Fire TV model in the past is not enough to guarantee you’ll qualify for this promotion. The promo code is set to expire on May 7th.

  1. Brian says:

    Code is different on website:

    • AFTVnews says:

      Interesting. Where are you seeing that code appear? It definitely says the code is POWERFUL4K when I view the offer terms.

      • Kat says:

        Neither worked for me

      • Brian says:

        Code appears near the top of the listing page in an orange bar. Reads: Exclusive offer: For a limited time, upgrade to Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote for $49.99 $29.99. Use promo code 4KUPGRADE. Learn more

        Still showing today. I am not a new prime member by any means. Have many AFTVs. I would imagine that I can use this code because I have a few early versions still in operation associated with my account.

    • Ryan says:

      4KUPGRADE worked for me! POWERFUL4K did not.

  2. Tenderfoot56 says:

    I just went to and tried to buy the 4K Stick and neither code worked for me. Guess it’s by invitation only…

  3. Luthersman says:

    Powerful 4k worked for me.

  4. larry says:

    I am a huge Prime customer in good standing… purchasing thousands of dollars in Amazon goods every year (for at least the past 15 years)…. Including lots of Amazon Fire devices.

    I was not approved for this special.

    • Kathleen Mackey says:

      Same here on all of it. It seems they are like most companies and only care about new customers. I guess that they feel they already have us on lock so why bother. I change my internet provider every 2yrs for the same reason because if I dont they will Jack the price to 4x what a new customer pays so I just switch back a forth every couple years so I get new promotional price because its not fair when your loyal for them to not care about you anymore which seems ass backwards.

      • Mike says:

        It’s customers like you that are the reason why our rates are so high. Why should us loyal customers continue to subsidize your promotions?

        • Tanti says:

          You two act like Telcos and Cable companies are powerless as to the prices they set. Do you really believe Kathleen is the cause of your high prices? Do you really think that after being a customer of X amount of years and paying X amount of money that your provider is going to suddenly decide that they have been charging you too much and reduce your bill out the goodness of their corporate heart? I can tell you that in both the answer is absolutely not! You see corporations are in the business of making money and more importantly making money for their share holders. As a matter of fact they are legally obligated to make the most money possible for their investors otherwise they can and will be removed from their positions. Providers will charge whatever the market will allow as a “fair” price which in most cases is driven by their own introductory offers. So if you choose to pay a higher rate then that is your choice but it is not a consequence of any customers action.

          • Tanti says:

            If any of you feel that your bill is too much then call you provider and tell them. Ask for the retention department and explain that you feel you’ve been paying too much and that you’re considering changing providers. You might be surprised what they will offer you to keep you as a customer.

      • Jodi Dickson says:


  5. Mike says:

    “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.” Guess I’m not a “select” customer.

  6. Antell L Varner says:

    I just chatted with customer service and was told that they were having issues with the code. The technical team was working resolving the issue. I CALL B*******!!!

  7. 2WhlWzrd says:

    Has anyone done a trade-in with an older device?
    Amazon claims to allow up to 20% off with a qualifying device.
    What if the device has been rooted?

    • Marvin DeMartian says:

      I think they check to make sure it powers on at most. They’re not looking that deep, they don’t care or have the man power to do it for every device.

  8. damien says:

    didnt work for me. my dad buys over 10,000$ worth of stuff from amazon every year and has been a prime member since the start.
    We also have bought the firestick 1,2 fire cube, fire tv original and the new fire tv for my grandpa. own a kindle and a tablet.
    lol oh well

  9. Jon says:

    POWERFUL4K worked for me. I’m not a Prime member, but I purchased it. $32 with tax.

  10. Michajin says:

    4KUPGRADE worked for me.

  11. OG Charlie says:

    Neither worked for me. Own a bunch of Amazon hardware but none of the 3rd gen Fire TV line.

  12. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    The Promotional Code: 4KUPGRADE worked for me.

    I’m a Prime-Member, and I purchased it for $32.09 with tax.

  13. Mark_Venture says:

    I was viewing this article here on my phone. When I clicked the embedded link for the 4K Stick in the article, it launched the Amazon app right to the listing for the 4K Stick.

    Right there at the top was an orange box with the offer info and 4KUPGRADE code.

    So I ordered one.

  14. Stewart says:

    Does this promotion apply for Canadians?

  15. Richard Vespoli says:

    This is B.S. I tried both promo codes and said that it can’t be used for this purchase. Not cool. Been a loyal prime member for many years and have bought almost every Amazon devices. Not happy

  16. ~B says:

    This happens every time someone like Amazon sends out a targeted offer. The offer leaks and then when it doesn’t work for some of the untargeted people they get mad/upset. I sometimes wonder if the marketing benefits to the company really outweigh the marketing negatives they generate with those who aren’t part of the “select few”.

    I didn’t expect the offer to work for me since I own no Fire TV devices but figured I try it anyway. As expected no-go, but it would have been a good way for Amazon to get someone like me (who spends a lot on digital content) more into their ecosystem.

  17. Tanti says:

    Neither code worked for me but luckily setting up another Amazon account with another email address is easy and free. After doing so I searched for Fire TV and was immediately presented with an offer for a 4K Fire TV for $30.

    • Tony Ramirez says:

      Nope that did not work either.
      Screw it I will wait until there is a “real sale” not this bogus coupon crap deals that never work for me “EVER”.

  18. Tony Ramirez says:

    Code did not work. Not surprised I am a loyal Amazon customer buying stuff all the time but I get nothing when it comes to bogus promotions.

  19. Len Mullen says:

    This is my fourth 4K FTV Stick since buying a Recast. The FTV Stick/Recast combination is pretty popular in my home — especially on televisions used by all of us. My kids gravitate towards Netflix while I tend to tune the Heroes & Icons OTA channel.

    The stick itself is very fast…especially compared to my first gen sticks. I am considering recycling or trading my gen 1 sticks, but I want to keep my gen 1 remotes to lose in the bed. They pair nicely with the new sticks.

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