Select customers can buy the Amazon Fire TV Cube for $69.99 — New Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

Amazon is currently selling the Amazon Fire TV Cube for $69.99 to select customers who enter promo code FIRETVCUBE50 during checkout. The code does not work for everyone and it is unknown what makes some people qualify for this deal but not others. This price is the new lowest price that the Fire TV Cube has ever been. The previous lowest price for the Fire TV Cube was $89.99, so this is a significant discount. Just add the full priced Fire TV Cube to your cart and enter FIRETVCUBE50 in the promo code field on the checkout screen. You’ll either instantly receive a $50 discount or be told that you do not qualify. This promotion will end at 9:00 am PT on September 7th, so it’s only available for 3 days. (Thanks for the heads up Mike!)

  1. Fred Dawli says:

    Worked for me… although honestly I’m not crazy about the cube.

  2. Teresita says:

    Must not be selling well

  3. Charlie says:

    Worked for me, but I didn’t order it. I’m not really interested in it all that much and I’ve kind of sworn off Alexa for the most part and sold my Echo’s a few months ago.

    Great deal, though. I’m more curious to see what is coming in the new line up, maybe a 4K Stick.

  4. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the info. It worked for me. I have one in an unopened,that arrived a few days ago for $89. I will send that one back.

  5. Jeck says:

    Didn’t work for me. Tried the Android app and mobile chrome.

  6. OG Charlie says:

    Can you connect the Fire TV game controller to the Cube?

  7. clocks says:

    I’ve got the promo, and I think at this price it is a good deal if you use Alexa. I may pick one up for a gift or something, but I am mostly satisfied with the $35 pendants I bought last month. I don’t use Alexa myself.

  8. ronnie says:

    Do you thing best buy will price match?

  9. Reflex says:

    Interesting it works for me, I already own one. Tempted to grab one for a future gift..

  10. Dave says:

    Didn’t work for me. Looks like I’ll be taking my business to their competitor.

    • Teresa Croft says:

      How you going to find out who the competitor is since you have to put the code in and don’t work. Let me know if you get any information.

  11. BobR says:

    Good price but it didn’t work for me. I already have a cube upgrading from a first gen stick. I wouldn’t yet upgrade my FTV 1 with the cube since I don’t have a 4K TV.
    We may see this price Black Friday. My concern is that their strategy continues to be low cost devices so we may never see a FTV 2 like box again

  12. JFC says:

    I got the promo offer when I went to the Cube page signed into my Amazon account, as a multi product Amazon Fire and Alexa customer.

    But WOW, if you read the overall customer reviews for the Cube on the Amazon site and the ratings it’s received, they’re surprisingly poor for an Amazon device, and a lot of repeat comments about the operation of the OS being buggy and slow and unstable.

    I wonder if that might be part of the reason they’re offering it on such a sale.

    • Andy says:

      I don’t think it’s to do with multi product use as I have four fire tv’s and four Alexa devices and I did not qualify for the special price on the cube.
      I’d love to know how they are selecting the lucky ones ?

  13. Stickman says:

    Worked for me, I had already purchased one at $89.99 the last time it went on sale so maybe it’s for multi product customers as JFC mused.

    To be honest I have not set the first on up yet planning on replacing the Echo Dot in my bedroom with it and maybe using this one as a gift

  14. Jamie Jenkins says:

    Worked, thanks!

  15. JoeB says:

    Worked for me but I don’t intend to purchase as I already have too many streaming devices and reviews for the Cube are not that great. They must not be selling well.

  16. Mitch says:

    It worked for me. I had contemplated buying one at 89.95 but waited. Glad I did now! Thanks!

  17. AFTV Fan says:

    Can you still side load MAME on this and is it powerful enough to emulate games such as MvC2?

  18. neech says:

    It worked for me and it let me put on the payment plan.

  19. flokic says:

    Elias, anyone else out there… I just got the Cube, can you please confirm if I’m doing something wrong or is it that this device doesn’t allow me to simply say: “connect bluetooth… resume spotify” and it starts playing music, without turning the tv on, from my samsung home theater (as I did with a regular echo dot).

  20. NWHenry says:

    I tried to purchase a Fire TV Cube yesterday using the promo code and got the $50.00 discount. I haven’t felt tempted to buy a Cube since reading this article I had mailed in my chromecast for the $ 35.00 credit but was unable to use it with any other discount and felt cheated. It wasn’t the price it was my pride and I had no intention of using the $35.00 credit alone. But after doing the math and being one of people who could use the $50.00 discount I went ahead with the purchase.
    A $120.00 Cube minus $35.00 (chromecast trade it) equals $85.00 with an additional $15.00 discount special brings it down to $70.00. $15.00 isn’t as good as a $30.00 discount but it’s better than nothing.

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