Sega Classics 25 game bundle for Fire TV is on sale for $9.99 — First Sale Ever [Expired]

As part of Amazon’s Digital Day sale that is currently live, the Sega Classics bundle is on sale for $9.99. Of course, I included this deal in my Digital Day sale roundup post, but it’s definitely worth highlighting on its own. At 33% off the regular price of $14.99, this is the first time this game bundle has ever been on sale. For $9.99, you get 25 classic Sega games that are playable using either your Fire TV remote control turned sideways or a game controller.

  1. Nathan Morris says:

    I had already bought this because I have been waiting for games like these for a long time. Hopefully they will do a Vol. 2 to this in the future that will include less fighting games and more classic racing & space games like Out Run series, Space Harrier, Alien Syndrome, etc.

  2. OG Charlie says:

    Nice! This was the surprise I was hoping to see today.

    Ended up buying $3 + $5 of coins so I could use what I had left over to buy this. $7.31 in Amazon credit isn’t bad for 25 legit games.

    Only thing I wish is that the Fire TV had more storage. Even with a 32GB microSD card plugged in, this is begging for more free space to install.

    Turns out it needs 800 MB free space to install. After it’s installed and moved to the microSD, it uses 39.77 MB internal and 413 MB on microSD.

  3. Y2Bogus says:

    Eh, if you have a PS4 or Xbox One you’re far better off getting the Genesis collection for either of them.

    If you have a 360 or PS3, Sonic’s ultimate Genesis collection is better than this also.

    This bundle was overpriced to begin with

    • tech3475 says:

      Depends on what you want.

      For example, this includes the remastered versions of Sonic 1/2/CD (not just emulated ROMs) and some may prefer the more portable Fire TV over the seventh/eighth gen consoles.

      Another option to consider as well is Steam as that provides unencrypted ROMs (so you can use them with different emulators) and you have the option for Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

      • AFTV Fan says:

        How do you buy non DRM ROMs from Steam to play on emulators? I wouldn’t mind buying legit copies of games that I like that I can play on any platform that can run an emulator. Sonic 3 is an interesting one because due to Michael Jackson writing the music to the game, Sega can’t rerelease it without getting into legal issues. I’m more interested in the arcade ROMs. The Genesis ports really suck. Why can’t they release arcade perform ports instead of not so good home console versions?

        • tech3475 says:

          I can’t comment on the arcade versions, but with Steam for MD/Gen, you just have to go into the game data folder and copy the ROM.

          I’ve tested it before and the ROMs I tried played fine in an emulator, same goes for ROM hacks distributed through Steam Workshop, although they were a bit harder to find (but still just in a directory with no DRM).

          BTW, I highly suggest playing Sonic3C instead of stock S3&K as this hack not only combines all the main variations (minus S2&K) but also allows for certain customisation e.g. restore big arms in S3&K, Sonic 3’s music, etc.

          It’s distributed through Steam workshop and a separate ROM but more info is available here:

          Also, Sonic 3D has had a director’s cut made by one of the original programmers (who also has a Youtube channel called GameHut if you’re interested as he does some behind the scenes stuff from Traveller’s Tales):

  4. Tango says:

    tip: md.emu + coolrom / freeroms = play any sega genesis game.

    • tech3475 says:

      tip: not everyone wants to pirate games and as I’ve stated before this includes the remastered Sonic games.

      • Tango says:

        then why are you doing it? those steam roms are likely unlicensed, pirated copies. it doesn’t matter whether you paid for them or not.

        • tech3475 says:

          Here’s a link to the page:

          Notice the publisher is Sega.

          • Tango says:

            just wondering if using a sega steam rom in a different emulator/platform is a license violation?

            btw, some time ago i purchased sonic 1, 2, & cd. what does “remastered” mean to you? the graphics look the same to me, except for the widescreen display.

          • tech3475 says:


            The license looks like the generic one, nothing specific about being restricted to their emulator. I would be surprised if they care since ROM hacks require access to the original ROM and they’re no longer even encapsulated like they used to be.

            For the record, I don’t particularly care if someone chooses to pirate or not, it’s only when I see someone say ‘just pirate instead’ I’ll point out not everyong likes to.

            The remastered games were remade using the retro engine (same engine as Sonic Mania), been a while since I played them but they usually contain some other extras eg. Adding Tails to Sonic CD who in the original just got a cameo in some extras.

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