Second version of Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 1 & 2 Released


Now that rbox has worked out the issues with TWRP for the Fire TV 1, he finally had time to release a pre-rooted ROM of the latest (550145120) software version for both the 1st and 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV. You can download the ROM for the Fire TV 1, labeled, here and the ROM for the Fire TV 2, labeled, here, and use these instructions to install them through TWRP custom recovery.

These new ROMs will allow Fire TV owners with a rooted device to update to the latest software version without losing root. These ROMs will not help you root a Fire TV, since the Fire TV must already be rooted to install these ROMs. To see if your Fire TV can be rooted in order to install these ROMs, see my Rooting Starters Guide.

Now that TWRP and the latest pre-rooted ROMs for both the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV are stable and released, rbox will hopefully continue working on TWRP and ROMs for the Fire TV Stick. If you have the means, please consider donating to rbox to thank him for keeping our rooted Fire TVs updatable, and/or to encourage him to continue his efforts with the Fire TV Stick.

  1. Kable says:

    Was able to upgrade fine on FireTV 1. Works great. The only issue I have right now is the google Playstore no longer works. Your remote will also update to don’t panic when you see an update in progress message like I did after it has fully booted.

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s almost exactly the same?
    Still can’t understand how to get google play with the current guides, and can’t change my wallpaper in nova launcher

    • Tony says:

      Big thanks to rbox for making this for all ftv1 users…
      I’m not ready to make the jump yet since a couple apks don’t work as well on fireos5. But I’ll definitely update it later after more Amazon changes take place. One advantage of updating is some amazon apps like Huluplus might work better after updating. On fire os3, huluplus has been giving me a black screen with audio.

      But I also use wallpapers on nova launcher. The wallpaper android system apk is incompatible with Android 5 based fireos5, so we have to live with a black background on Nova. You could always use firestarter and change its background if you need a different wallpaper.

      • Tony says:

        I have installed Google play store recommended leanback version o. My ftv2, so maybe that same version will work for an updated ftv1.not sure really…

        • naju says:

          Which googleplay lean back version did you install?

          Is it fully working for you? install apps and everthing?

          Let me know

  3. kel says:

    does r2 contain any major updates ? because my 5.2 r1 works fine.
    should I upgrade , or is it best left alone.

  4. Mike says:

    Per rbox’s description on the XDA thread: “This is the same as the previous, just with the updated version that Amazon released.”

  5. IrishBiker says:

    Is the shell gone from this version?

    Using ADB shell on my FTV2 I get the following error:

    error: device offline

    Am I missing something?

  6. Vlad says:

    I updated my Fire TV 1 to
    Standard Amazon launcher shows me an error: “We are currently unable to contact to our servers”.
    On Fire OS 3 it was all right.
    I disabled server block via router and enabled update block with root. Nothing has changed.
    Location: Ukraine; Amazon Services worked fine.

    I have one more question – how to change the launcher on the Fire TV with root («Llama» does not suit me)? I like this – .

    • Moose says:

      I get the same: “We are currently unable to contact our servers.”
      It may be detecting that we are in countries where the AFTV is not officially sold (I’m in Canada).

      • Vlad says:

        I solved this problem.
        Write here –
        Do not do factory reset – say that you do not want to erase the data.
        Try all of the options, except for Factory Reset.
        If the remote stops working – connect the keyboard and pull out the power cord to restart the device. (If they are asked to make a Remote Factory Reset)
        Support said that they have removed the device from your account and re-added. After that, everything was fine.

        p.s.Sorry for bad English

      • Moose says:

        Never mind, the Amazon account information got lost in the update process. Just had to reregister the device under Settings->Account Information.

  7. Andrew says:

    So many issues :(

    I can’t have ADM pro save files to my USB…

    Apparently apps can’t save to external storage now with LP.

    I’ve been trying for hours, anyone have an easy solution?

  8. Gryzor says:

    Anyone knows if it’s possible to keep your data through rooting and installing the ROM? Judging from my experience with multiple phones I’d say that no, it’s not possible, but I know precious little about the workings of the AFTV.

    I’m mostly (if not only) interested in keeping my Kodi installation intact…

    • Atone says:

      If already rooted, and your making the upgrade on your ftv1, all data should be intact. To be on the safe side, you could go into Android data folder, and locate org.xbmc.kodi folder, and copy and backup your addon’s and userdata folder to a flashdrive.

      I have a lot of app installs moved to the external USB drive, and not sure if those apps will continue to work after the update from fireos3 to fireos5, so that’s all I’m worried about. They may need to be moved back to internal drive or reinstalled again later if they don’t fit on internal drive. So I’m holding off a little longer.

      • Gryzor says:

        No, it’s actually not rooted yet. I was thinking of pulling all the data from my Kodi installation with the AFTV Utilty and then pushing it back up once the new ROM has been installed…

        So if I judge from what you’re saying, rooting will wipe all my stuff, correct?

  9. chihuahua says:

    Do we have to reapply the update block again if rooted after upgrading firmwares?

  10. Carl Dickson says:

    Hi, I have upgraded on my FTV2 > sloane-
    and now cant get FireStopper working, its complaining about cant connect to ADB.

    I have done the guide on re-enabling adb but still have issues.
    Anyone got it going on this version?
    I had it going on

  11. bama says:

    I have a AFTV1 running just fine but holy cow, the root password doesnt seem to be abc123 anymore. Did I miss a detail?

  12. Servet says:

    Thank you very much guys! You´re doing a great job!!

  13. Bob says:

    Has anybody re-installed Xposed framework? Is it safe to do so?

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