Seagate releases Fire TV media receiver companion app to use with their suite of services


Seagate has just released a new Media Receiver app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to work in tandem with their suite of smartphone apps and hardware. The receiver app lets you stream photos, videos, and music to your Fire TV from your compatible Seagate and LaCie storage devices. The app supports Seagate Personal Cloud, Wireless, GoFlex, and LaCie Fuel storage devices.

  1. boudyka says:

    thats the single most frustrating thing about modern IT companies.

    Interoperability is such a curse word.

    Why doesn’t seagate write an app that will works with any storage solution even its competitors. Why would anyone want an app that only works with seagate and lacie only, I have to exit it to access something else. What is the point….That I might buy their storage because of a free app.

    I want one app to access it all no matter what, not just sales promotion freebie flavour of the month. If seagate wrote a decent app, I might buy it if works with other things. So Seagate “Nil Point” DOH!!!!

    • David Flett says:

      You have hit the nail on the head,it is really difficult to understand restrictions, all it does is encourage people to look at alternatives that have no restrictions and once they discover alternative products, they are likely to try other products from that company.

      Emby, Plex and other similar products are very good but are restrictive relying on a server on a computer/laptop to be on. I personally find Kodi as one of the best programms for accessing any media. I have computers and laptops in the home but the best solution I found was using the Fire TV with Kodi and attaching external storage (WD Cloud) to my router, no need for any other computer running a separate server. It may not be a dedicated Home Theatre but it works brilliantly, all of my viewing in virtually one place whether it be streaming my own media or Netflix, Amazon or catch up services even live TV if I want although I use a Humax DVR for my TV viewing.

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