SanDisk releases official “Made for Amazon” microSD cards for the new Fire TV

Amazon has partnered up with SanDisk to release official microSD cards for the new Fire TV. These cards come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (currently unavailable), and 128GB sizes and are class 10 performance with speeds up to 48 MB/s. These microSD cards state that they are “the only ones tested and certified to work with your Fire Tablet and Fire TV.” Of course, that doesn’t mean these are the only brand microSD cards that will work. Just that these are the official ones and will likely be the brand of 32GB card that is included with the new Fire TV Gaming Bundle. The cards can be pre-ordered now and will be released September 30th.

  1. stephen says:

    These cost more, why not just use existing brand

  2. UHD says:

    Why not Amazon brand MicroSD ?
    I have Amazon brand Ethernet cables , HDMI cables and they’re great.

    • xnamkcor says:

      Ethernet and HDMI cables are a bit less complicated than SD cards. It’s easier to partner with someone than to try to rebrand from someone.

  3. Joao Marcelo Mendes Campos says:

    I want to know if using sdcards means the new firetv will use fat32 or another standard to external storage? The old firetv use only fat32 and it is bad that it doesn’t accept files bigger than 4gb and other limitations.

  4. What happened…when I ordered one of the 64GB cards the arrival date was 9/30 now my order shows no delivery date and all the cards show as temporarily out of stock. I canceled the order and just purchased the standard SanDisk card.

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