RPG classic CHRONO TRIGGER is now available on the Amazon Fire TV

The game CHRONO TRIGGER has just arrived in the Amazon Fire TV appstore. Originally released on the SNES, this role-playing game is ranked among the best games of all time. This Fire TV port is an upgraded version that features updated controls, graphics, and sound. It also includes two additional playable dungeons that were not in the original release. CHRONO TRIGGER is compatible with all three generations of the Fire TV as well as the Fire TV Edition television. It is, however, not compatible with any Fire TV Sticks and you’ll need a game controller to play.

  1. OG Charlie says:

    Also playable on tablets. Not bad for $10

  2. Dan Dutra says:

    Why not the sticks?

  3. Chris Northcross says:

    Can’t choose colors when in the Arris Dome in the future world using Amazon Fire TV Game Controller. This is required to access a key development in the plot where you get a color code from the captured sewer rat to open a locked door. Also can’t choose colors (when asked) to mimic a dance in the Tent of Horrors after trading 80 points.

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