Fire TV 1 Rooting, Recovery, and ROM Guide: Unrootable

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The Fire TV 1 running software versions or newer cannot be rooted.

There is a hardware rooting method for advanced users that involves disassembling the device and soldering a board to the Fire TV’s memory in order to root by writing to the device’s eMMC chip directly. I do not have a guide for this method because it is a delicate procedure and not recommended for most users. Most users wishing to root should block updates and wait for a new rooting method to be discovered. Staying on older software versions increases the possibility for your Fire TV to be rootable in the future. There is no way to know if or when your Fire TV will be rootable.

The good news is you do not need to be rooted to sideload apps like Kodi. Sideloading does NOT require rooting.

  1. Anthony says:

    I have a FireTV Gen 1 Box. I started seeing “SU Binary need to be updated.” Notification in Setting… (Rooted with Towelroot v3). I am running rBox’s OS- image. I recently tried to upgrade to the newest firmware (bueller- which Failed. I now realize that I’ve lost root. I think when I rebooted my AFT to run Recovery, SU is not active which stop the upgrade. I have to boot back to Normal and run Root a checker apk which prompt SU to Grant privilege for apps requiring Root access. My question, How do I Fix this mess?
    fyi. I check that updates are blocked on my AFT, which it is!

  2. Don Black says:

    Same here I was able to get the rom installed, but I do not have SU permissions currently shell says shell@bueller: whereas before it said root.

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