Fire TV 1 Rooting, Recovery, and ROM Guide: Towelroot Method

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The Fire TV 1 running software versions,, and is rootable, but because those software versions are so old, you have two options.

Option 1: If you allow your Fire TV to start downloading an update, it will very likely begin downloading version 5.0.5 (Build 537174420). That software version is rootable, so if you allow it to update to that version, you can skip several steps in the rooting process. The disadvantage is that you will permanently lock your bootloader by updating to 5.0.5 before you root. This is why option 2 is recommended, but that option involves a very long process. If you don’t care about having an unlocked bootloader, then let your Fire TV update to see what version it decides to download. If it begins downloading version 5.0.5 (Build 537174420), let it finish updating and then continue to this section. If it begins downloading any other version, pull the power before the update finishes downloading and continue to option 2 below.

Option 2: The best option with a Fire TV on such an old software version is to perform a very long process that involves rooting, unlocking the bootloader, installing ClockworkMod custom recovery, installing pre-rooted, installing a boot menu, installing pre-rooted version of, installing TWRP custom recovery, and finally installing the latest pre-rooted software version. The end result is a rooted Fire TV 1 with an unlocked bootloader that is running the latest pre-rooted software version. This is the ideal state to be in, but as you can see, it is a long process, which is why some prefer to give up having an unlocked bootloader and going with option 1. To proceed with option 2, follow these steps:

  1. [Optional, but recommended] Block updates using method 4 of this guide.
  2. Root with Towelroot by following this guide.
  3. Block updates using method 1 of this guide.
  4. Unlock the bootloader by following this guide.
  5. Install ClockworkMod custom recovery by following this guide.
  6. Install pre-rooted software version “ updated” (downloaded from here) by following this guide. DO NOT skip ahead and install a newer version.
  7. Install BusyBox by follwoing this guide.
  8. Install the boot menu by following this guide.
  9. Install pre-rooted software version “” (downloaded from here) by following this guide again.
  10. Install TWRP custom recovery by following Section 1 of this guide.
  11. Install the latest pre-rooted ROM by following this guide.
  12. Please support me through Patreon because otherwise all of these guides would not exist. Seriously, who else would have kept track of all of this stuff over the years?
One comment
  1. Maile says:

    I just followed this instructions completely today and got my Gen 1 FireTV box on

    However, I can’t install Netflix or Twitch apps onto my FireTV. If I search from the FireTV Home screen, nothing comes up. If I try to load it from, it says my device is not compatible with these apps.

    I keep reading that these apps work on Gen 1 FireTV boxes on OS5 but I haven’t had any luck getting them on mine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or help?


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