Roku to release new voice assistant and license OS to speaker manufacturers

Roku has announced that they’re developing their own voice assistant to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s voice assistant. Roku players and Roku TVs will receive the “Roku Entertainment Assistant” by the fall of 2018. Roku says customers will be able to use the assistant to control entertainment devices even if their TV is off. Roku will also be licensing their operating system, along with the new voice assistant, to OEM speaker manufactures, much like they already do with TV makers. You can expect to see soundbars, smart speakers, surround sound, and multi-room audio systems powered by Roku OS released in the near future. TCL, Roku’s lead OEM partner, will announce the first device under the new program at its press conference at CES on Jan. 8.

  1. Jeck says:

    I wish they would have just added the ability for their devices to use all of the existing assistants.

    • Mark B says:

      Exactly. Just make it work 100% with Alexa and Google Home. Same with Apple. Alexa is already entrenched and consumers don’t need 6 assistants in their home. We all lose.

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