Roku Streaming Stick (2017 Latest Gen) is on sale for $34.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

Some products seem to be jumping the gun for Prime Day since the Roku Streaming Stick just went on sale for $34.99. This is the new lowest price this model has ever been, which beats the previous lowest price by $5 and is $15 off the regular price. This is the 2017 model that is the newest version of the Roku Stick. It has a processor that is faster than the previous model and comes with a new remote that can control power and volume on your TV. If you’ve been curious about trying a Roku device or want to get someone into streaming who might benefit from the Roku’s simplified interface, this is the best Roku model to start with if you don’t need 4K video support. We don’t know yet if the Fire TV Stick will be going on sale for Prime Day. Be sure to check back tomorrow as I’ll be posting all the best Prime Day deals throughout the day as they go live.

  1. Mark B says:

    If you haven’t tried one just ahead for this price. It’s really does have the cleanest interface and best universal search period. Plus having the power and volume on the remote is killer. I still prefer Fire TV due to being able to sideload and native HDHomerun app support. But if you don’t need to sideload apps it’s a great choice. Plus there are other apps like plex to get hd homerun into your roku. Let alone Tablo etc. Worth trying as noted above.

  2. clocks says:

    I’d probably opt for the FTV Pendant over this at the current sale prices. But this is a decent stick. If you want to avoid/delay paying taxes, BH Photo has it for the same price.

  3. clocks says:

    So about every 6 months or so I try a Roku device, and of the past few years the result is always the same. I box it up on day 2, and either return it or sell it on Ebay. They just seem slow to me.

    For instance while the FTV will keep the last 2-4 programs you had open available, Roku seems to only have enough RAM to support one program opened at a time. So if you bounce between apps a lot, you are constantly waiting for stuff to load.

    Also, with FTV most apps will FF/RW a set amount of seconds via the remote. If you try to do that on Roku, it just does a normal rewind or fast forward that you have to monitor and try to time. Stuff like that just seems to annoy me at this point.

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