Roku removes YouTube TV from the Roku channel store

Roku has dropped YouTube TV from its channel store, making it impossible to install the service on any Roku device. This is due to a dispute between Roku and Google regarding the terms of their contract renewal which the two companies have not been able to agree on. Roku has chosen not to remove the YouTube TV app from devices that already have it installed, but they warn customers that there is no way to reinstall the app, should they choose to uninstall it or reset their Roku device.

So far, the regular YouTube app has been unaffected. It remains in Roku’s channel store and can be installed on any Roku device. That said, several of the agreement terms revolve specifically around the regular YouTube app so it may be the next one to be dropped. My guess is that the YouTube app and YouTube TV app are on different agreement timeframes and that the YouTube app agreement simply hasn’t expired yet.

  1. Red says:

    I haven’t bought a new roku device for the ‘rents because Spectrum app is no longer available so the old sticks soldier on. Would like to upgrade them but at this point it will be an ATV not a roku ultra.

    I imagine YTTV users may make similar decisions if this game of chicken drags on long enough like the Spectrum impasse.

    I have no idea who is “right”, many won’t care, they will just move on from the device if they like the subscribed service or may change subscription if are not particularly tied to it for what they want or a unique UI feature.

  2. Xiaolei says:

    So much for “Don’t be evil”

    • aross1976 says:

      YouTube is a dead platform anyways
      just go to Susan Wojiciki’s channel and go to ANY video there , look the like/dislike ratio and read the comments

  3. Y2Bogus says:

    I used to be a Roku fan. I still love their interface. But they have too much control over my device.

    I’ve migrated almost completely to Android TV and FTV. With the addition of Vudu last month there’s no reason to own a Roku.

  4. TechyChris says:

    Buy a decent tv like Sony with Android TV baked in and use the connected streaming box of your choice…done.
    Best of Both Worlds.
    It’s what I do.
    If one goes down the other takes it’s place until the situation is resolved.

  5. Malcolm says:

    Roku has a great and fast user interface but I am not happy with them because they do not have a web browser so I installed a fire stick to browse the web I can get YouTube that way !!

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