Roku lowers price of Streaming Stick+ to compete with Amazon and itself

Roku has permanently lowered the retail price of their Streaming Stick+ media player from $69.99 to $59.99. This is undoubtedly to better compete with the soon to be released Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which matches all of the Roku Streaming Stick+’s capabilities, and then some, at only $49.99. Roku is also competing with themselves, since their new Roku Premiere+ is a 4K streamer that is priced the same as the Fire TV Stick 4K, but lacks advanced 802.11ac WiFi that the new Fire TV Stick 4K and Roku Stick+ share.

  1. clocks says:

    The question is if Wifi AC matters. If it is needed for 4k streaming, then the two new Premieres are problematic products. If wifi AC doesn’t matter, then the Stick Plus is overpriced and no longer serves much purpose.

  2. Utahanglo says:

    I think Roku have been left behind lately as their competitors take over the lead. In my opinion the new Fire TV lineup and the Apple TV 4 will affect Roku’s sales. They needed to launch a completely new collection, rather than add headphones to the Ultra and make few changes on other new models. They look staid and that’s not something a technology product needs. I feel as if they’re becoming the equivalent of the large button cell phones for folks who aren’t that tech savvy…but in all fairness there is a niche market for that I guess.

    • clocks says:

      I think Rokus audience is the non-technical people, of which there are plenty. Years ago all I used was Roku, but have drifted away the last 3 years or so. 1-2x per year I will buy a Roku to try it again, but I always end up returning or reselling it after a day or two. The GUI looks like it is 20 years old, and FTV always seems faster to me.

    • tech3475 says:

      It really depends on what you want.

      The one reason I keep a Roku Express around is because it does offer most of the streaming services I may use on a single small device natively and it was relatively cheap (unlike an Apple TV which may be the next ‘smart box’ AIO alternative I’ve come across services wise).

      So far the closest rival I’ve seen for this is games consoles such as the Xbone but obviously they’re larger and less portable.

      That said, I think the biggest problem Roku faces is going to be smart TVs, just yesterday we got a new TV and I’m able to remove the Fire TV and Now TV Box (a gimped Roku sold in the UK) from our setup as the TV can near enough do everything which these could for our usage.

      • shwru980r says:

        Smart TV app support may end before you need to buy a new TV, so you wind up with disabled or reduced app functionality.

        • Alex says:

          Don’t see smart tv apps ending anytime soon. Most tv OS has improved over the past couple of years. LG webOS and Samsung’s OS has gotten very snappy the last 2-3 years. 5-7 years ago it was a nightmare and slow to use. Sony is now using Google. New 4K smart tv out the box plays 4K YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime and more. For most basic users that saves about $50 and not needing an extra device.

        • tech3475 says:

          I’m well aware of that possibility, but it seems like most mid-high end TVs these days seem to come with some kind of smart functionality anyway.

          Looking at Argos (UK high street retailer), out of 182 TVs, 153 are listed as ‘smart’.

          Until I lose any functionality or a new reason comes alongs, I see no reason to add another device to this TV.

  3. Craig says:

    I feel like they didn’t need to introduce the two new Premieres. Just kept the Stick+ and lowered its price to $49. They’ve got too many unnecessary devices in their current line-up. They need to get rid of IR receivers on Roku boxes entirely and just keep the IR sending part on the remotes for TV power/volume control only. All Roku remotes should be communicating with the boxes/sticks via Wifi for voice-search…and headphone support on the Ultra. They should keep one cheap Roku around for both HDMI and composite and that’s it. The rest should be 4K AC devices w/ voice search.

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