Roku is repackaging Wyze cameras, lights, and plugs as its own branded smart home products

It appears that Roku is getting into the smart home business by branding white-label products from Wyze, according to ZatzNotFunny who has acquired several photos of the unannounced products. Shown in the images are what appear to be the Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Smart Bulb, Wyze Smart Plug, and Wyze Light Strip all packaged in Roku boxes without any mention of these being Wyze products.

Roku, best know for its streaming media players and smart TVs, hasn’t released any products outside of the home theater space up until now. The company recently expanded into audio with several Roku speakers and subwoofers that are made to work with Roku Smart TVs, but selling smart lights and cameras is completely new territory for the home entertainment company.

With Amazon, Roku’s main competition in the streaming space, having a massive foothold in the smart home space, I guess it makes sense that Roku feels the need to expand into smart home devices as well. An official announcement will probably be made soon about these new Roku products, so we’ll learn then if there’s any advantage to buying them from Roku versus Wyze.

  1. Craig S. says:

    Outside of Roku integrating the control and viewing of these products into Roku OS via the voice remote, TV dashboard and maybe even ambience light syncing akin to Hue…this honestly doesn’t make any sense for the Roku streaming brand??? They need to focus on integrating Matter support above all else.

  2. michael says:

    I like my Roku stick since it never runs out of memory. I still use my Fire Stick 4k for Kodi but nothing else since it runs out of memory all the time.
    That said; I’ll be curious how you use the cameras without the Wyze app. I have lots of Wyze products and they are great for the money. If they work with the Roku stick, I’m happy. If not, what’s the point?

    • Anthony Rossetti says:

      How would this even work?
      Are they going to tell people to just download and install the wyze app?
      Or are they just going to make a skinned version of the wyze app?
      Or are they going to make their own app and have their own FW on these devices?
      I could maybe see them doing their own app if it was just bulbs and strips but the cameras are going to require servers ,whye uses AWS still I think but still seems like they would not be equipped to recreate everything from scratch
      I wonder if this venture fails if we can pick these up on clearance for really cheap even cheaper than wyze already sells them for which is pretty cheap already
      I wonder if we will even have to reflash them from SD with wyze FW of that happens
      This is a pretty interesting development
      And I can honestly see it failing rather quickly,I will be on the lookout for these on clearance at big box stores by next year

      • Dennis says:

        It’s on the play store. Search for Roku Smart Home. And NO, it will not recognize a Wyze camera. If tried. Got 2 Roku cams ordered. We’ll see

    • Dark_Lord_of_Common_Sense says:

      The Fire TV Stick has 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of memory, whereas Roku’s Streaming Stick only has 256MB of storage and 512MB of memory.
      Explain to us again how your Roku “never runs out of memory” when it has 50% less than Fire 4K? And over 700% less storage?

      • Scott Lewis says:

        I’ve also never ran out of room on a Roku but have on a 4K Fire TV Stick. Not that anyone HAS to explain, but lighter weight OS with smaller sized apps.

        • TheEyeRoll says:

          People talk about memory and storage as though that’s a valid point of comparison between two entirely different platforms, operating systems, and hardwares. Do you also think that 8gigs of RAM on a Windows machine is the same as 8 gigs of RAM on an Android phone??

          FireTV is ultimately an Android platform, which means it’s going to have a whole lot more going on in the background. It’s why you can run any browser that an Android phone can run, why it can run Kodi, while the Roku cant. Or why the FireTV can have a Bluetooth mouse. The ONLY thing a Roku is doing is feeding media stream

      • OICAQT says:

        Dark_Lord_of_Common_Sense seems not to be an owner of both.

  3. Nicholas Cannon says:


  4. Nicholas Cannon says:

    Weird none of my 4k or 4k max’s have ever run out of memory

  5. Renman says:

    it will be interesting to see if the are “firmware swappable” since they appear to be from the same source as Wyze. There are several other companies with the same (V2 cam) from the foreign mfg. but this is the 1st V3 style and pan cam, (unclear if that is the v1 or v2 style pan. Alexa voice remote on firestick works, but due to cloud to cloud transfer there can be a 15-30 second delay depending on your internet speeds, but TinyCam Pro works on the firestick across the lan and it can the V2, Pan Cam (1 and 2) and V3, and original wyze doorbell (and can turn it unlike the echo show) but it does not see the outdoor cams due to the base station getting a single IP and (1-4) cams connect to it. TinyCam Pro also does not see the Wyze doorbell Pro as of now. Alexa can still bring up the outdoor cams and doorbell pro individually. It also works on the Chromecast with Google TV. Can’t wait to see how they see these ROKU branded ones. Will there be a Roku skill for Alexa?

  6. moseph says:

    Wyze doesn’t make the hardware, they license the hardware from suppliers in China. Wyze focuses on the software and service side. I’m guessing Roku just licensed the same hardware from the same manufacturer, and will be providing their own platform for everything to work on.

    • Jfizzle says:

      Its a wyze/roku collaboration, sold exclusively at Walmart. Also the back of the roku cameras have WYZE FCCID numbers and IC numbers(integrated chip)

  7. Jaro says:

    Isn’t a lot of wyze stuff rebranded items? Wyze scale looks like other scales. Wyze watch like other cheap watches.

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