Roku Channel will soon offer paid premium subscriptions to Showtime, Starz, Epix, and more

Later this month, Roku will begin selling premium subscriptions to streaming services directly through The Roku Channel. Roku executives have indicated that The Roku Channel is the future of the platform and will probably become the actual home screen of Roku devices, so it’s no surprise to see paid content make its way to the channel. Customers will be able to subscribe to Showtime, Starz, Epix, and other services in a manner that is very similar to Amazon Prime Video Channels.

The Roku Channel first launched as a collection of free ad-support movies and shows to watch on Roku devices. The company later added more content, like news and sports, to the channel and made it available on other platforms, such as smart TVs and the web. Its availability through a web browser is what makes The Roku Channel already accessible on Fire TV devices, even though Roku has not yet released an official app.

Prices for premium subscriptions through The Roku Channel are identical to prices through Prime Video Channels or directly through the service. A disadvantage of subscribing through The Roku Channel is not being able to use that subscription to access content through the service provider’s own app. That is something that became possible with Prime Video Channel subscriptions over time, so there is a good chance Roku will gain that capability in the future as well.

One advantage of Roku Channel premium subscriptions versus Prime Video Channel subscriptions is that you don’t need to be a Prime member to subscribe. That always seemed like an odd limitation with Amazon’s service and I expect that Prime Video Channels will soon be available to all Amazon customers as well, to stay competitive with Roku.

One of the launch partners with Roku’s premium subscription offering is Epix, which was previously only available through traditional TV providers. This confirms that a standalone Epix service will now be available. While it’s not yet available through Prime Video Channels, it will likely be added soon enough.

At launch, customers will be able to subscribe to the following paid streaming services through The Roku Channel: SHOWTIME, Starz, EPIX, Baeble Music, CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT, CuriosityStream, FitFusion, The Great Courses Signature Collection, Hopster, Magnolia Selects presented by Magnolia Pictures, MHz Choice, NOGGIN, Smithsonian Channel Plus, Tastemade, and Viewster Anime. Notably missing from Roku’s list of launch partners is HBO.

Since subscriptions through The Roku Channel can only be accessed through the channel itself, Roku has also announced that access to The Roku Channel will be added to the Roku app. This essentially makes The Roku Channel a cross-platform streaming app, much like the Prime Video app. Access to The Roku Channel will be available on the Roku app on Android and iOS smartphones, but, as Roku ventures deeper into becoming a streaming content provider, it’s likely that the app will eventually come to other streaming devices, such as Fire TVs, Android TV, and Apple TV.

  1. Fred says:

    Rather get a discount and subscribe myself

  2. Masterblaster says:

    Looks like Roku wants to play with Amazon, Apple and Google in subscription services. Plus competing with the ad based streaming services like Pluto or Crackle. Free market capitalism at work. This year will be the battle for the cord cutting dollar.

  3. Charlie says:

    Interesting idea that the channel will become the homepage.

  4. Len Mullen says:

    Never been a fan of Roku — even when I had one on every TV in my home. Their fragile platform was perpetually broken and each update broke all legacy hardware. The last Roku I bought was a Roku 2 XS. BUT, in the last year, I have purchased three TCL Roku TVs. They beautifully integrate OTA and OTT. I am also a fan of the Roku Channel. The addition of premium channels has me rethinking my Prime subscription.

  5. midwaybrit says:

    Roku sucks and is way behind everyone else. Plus their interface is out of the ark !

  6. Farley says:

    I purchase one then another Roku Ultras from Amazon for $50. I like it much better than my AppleTV, Cube(prior to new style remote), or pendant.

    UI is clean and direct (Amazon ads are too much)
    Remote is great (better than both Apple’s fragile glass remote and cheap feeling Amazon one with SideClick attached, I love the SideClick)

    Also beta testing the new DirecTV Now device which is a good start. Optical output, voice remote, Ethernet, normal sized remote with (wonky) TV controls, Bluetooth 4.1, HDR, etc. Runs Android TV.

    • HeffeD says:

      I just bought one for Christmas as well. (Would have bought the 4K stick version, but I wanted the Ethernet connection that the Ultra has)

      I’ve been a fan of the Fire TV’s since the version one came out and have recommended them to numerous people in the past. However, I’ve been getting increasingly unhappy with Amazon’s ads and branding getting more and more in your face with each update, and most importantly, I’m not happy with the ridiculous ongoing feud between Amazon and Google over YouTube. It’s a stupid kludge to need to install and use a web browser to access YouTube! Not to mention that I often get out of sync audio on YouTube videos since this started, (more-so when using Silk…) so I decided to give Roku a try.

      I love the Ultra! It’s much faster than any of my Fire TV’s, and while the UI is a bit dated looking, I do like the no-nonsense approach. My next streaming device will definitely also be a Roku.

      I really don’t miss any of the specific Fire TV functionality. Since I use Logitech Harmony remotes, I can still open streaming apps through Alexa using the Harmony skill. The search function on the Fire TV is much better, but I don’t consider the lack of it a deal breaker.

  7. Charlie says:

    Still love the Roku and I’ve been using them for a very long time. I have a couple of Stick 4K’s, a Shield, and an Ultra. I really can’t see me not having at least one Roku in my collection going forward.

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