Ring appears to be preparing a dedicated Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro device

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth shared network for devices like trackers and motion sensors to be able to connect to the internet without needing full-fledged Wi-Fi or cellular connections. The connection is intended to emanate from devices you already own, like Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras, which is why it is a bit surprising that Ring appears to be working on a standalone dedicated “Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro” device that just appeared in a new Bluetooth regulatory filing last week.

The apparent upcoming device is simply called the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring. It has a model number of 5F48E9 and was approved on Oct. 11th by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is the standards organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of Bluetooth devices. Amazon sidewalk uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for short-distance communication.

Not much is known about the new Ring device but, based on the name, its primary purpose seems to be to serve as a hub between Sidewalk-enabled devices and an internet connection. That’s unexpected because, up until now, a device serving as a sidewalk bridge has always done so as a secondary function. The official list of devices that serve as Sidewalk Bridges only includes Echo speakers, Echo Show smart displays, and Ring cameras.

When Amazon Sidewalk was first revealed in 2019, it was announced alongside a Ring Fetch pet tracker that will use the shared network, but it has not yet been released. Should Ring release the Fetch pet tracker and other Sidewalk-enabled devices, the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring may be meant as a solution for those not in an area with sufficiently dense Sidewalk coverage.

Ring already makes a Smart Lighting Bridge, pictured above, for connecting various light bulbs and fixtures to the internet. It’s easy to see Ring switching those lights to Amazon Sidewalk networks and replacing its lighting bridge with the new Sidewalk Bridge Pro device.

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  1. john t steele says:

    What Ring needs are hardened outdoor cameras, alarms, and sensors that can work several 100 ft from the house. Eg to protect outbuildings, boats, etc

    Being able to provide protection and surveillance outside the home is equally important and I wish Ring would develop the equipment needed.

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