Revised software version still rootable on Fire TV Stick with Kingo Root


Those of you interested in rooting your Fire TV Stick will be happy to learn that the new revised software update, that recently started rolling out, is still rootable using the Kingo Root app. I have verified this myself. If your Fire TV Stick is running software version, and you want to root, you should allow it to update to and then block updates. One of my Fire TV Sticks running would not root with Kingo Root, but after allowing it to update to, I was able to successfully root it on the first try using Kingo Root.

It’s recommended that you wait for custom recovery and a pre-rooted ROM for the Fire TV Stick to be released before you root the device. However, if you can’t confidently block updates externally, then you should root with Kingo Root and block updates internally. Rbox still plans to release TWRP custom recovery and pre-rooted ROMs for the Fire TV Stick, but it is unknown when that will happen. Kingo Root is not able to root the 1st or 2nd generation Fire TV, regardless of which software version is installed, so there is still no way to root a Fire TV running

  1. Ernesto says:

    i can confirm the kingoroot method works

    kingroot did not work for me on 5.0.5, and i did not try on (was waiting for which was updated until today)

    at first try, it took like a minute, and worked like a champ!!!!

    thanks for your support on this site!

  2. Planet says:

    The question that comes to my mind is, does kingo root come with the same flaw of stopping playback of media apps randomly after a few minutes as kingroot does on mine and reportedly all other’s stick?

    Would be worth to upgrade then reroot if it runs flawless.

  3. Mark says:

    Can someone please release an app named KangaRoot as the next incarnation of this jailbreak?

  4. Thomas says:

    1st generation ftv software 5.0.5 rooted with Kingoroot. Before you start Kingoroot you have to put the ftv on a WLAN connection.
    With LAN connection it is not possible to root.

  5. Mo says:

    I get this ‘Root successfully model AFTM after I open king-root but when I got on the computer to su wont let me in so I can block update
    Any suggestions tnx

  6. Yair says:

    any reason my new aftv2 won’t update? it is on 5.0.4. all my other fire tvs have updated on June 8 except for this new one that I opened today

    • Tony says:

      I just purchased a new aftv2 directly from this week and also received it yesterday with 5.0.4. But I purposely blocked updates, so I could root it.

      I hope there is nothing wrong with our devices. Since you are also on the same rootable firmware, Why don’t you follow the steps to root it with kingroot,install TWRP recovery, and then install one of rbox’s recent custom roms? (Just read the guides carefully and it will work). That’s what I plan to do later today and install rbox 5.0.5. You can choose between rbox’s, or earlier.

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