Revised Fire TV software update fixes screensaver issues


Several people have reported that the new revised software update, marked with a build number of 550145120, has fixed a bug preventing the Fire TV’s screensaver from launching. A broken screensaver could be reason enough for Amazon to halt the first software update and release a revised version. While most modern TVs would be fine without a scrensaver, some people rely on it to prevent burn-in. Unknowingly having the screensaver disabled could ruin some TVs, which is reason enough for Amazon to stop rolling out a software update and rush out a fixed version.

  1. JRock says:

    For me the previous issue was the opposite, but they finally fixed the issue on the fire stick where it would go black (sleep?) within ~10 seconds. Apps couldn’t load fast enough before the screen would turn off. Kinda got used to it, and still occasionally hit a button real quick to keep it awake out of habit.

  2. Joshua Timothy says:

    I have the new version, it was installed on the 7th. Voice commands still are not activated on this version to open up apps.

  3. Scooter says:

    I’ve had lots of issues with the stick refusing to connect to my phone app since the upgrade. We have to unplug it and restart every time. It’s rough.

  4. cuki3r3k83bln says:

    Since 15th May I have Build 550144920 on my stick. It’s rooted with Kongo Root but even after factory reset no update is available yet (Berlin, Germany).

  5. gdroid666 says:

    screensaver never worked on my 5.0.5 fire stick i tried everything and it did not work out of the box i could never get it working,still wont even come on, i got a new stick today rooted with kingo root and this is the 1st time i have even seen this thing work,also i think it was working on before i updated to latest version

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