Remotr streams games from a Windows PC to your Amazon Fire TV


Remotr is a new app that allows you to remotely play Windows PC games through your Fire TV. The app is compatible with all Fire TV models and is very similar to Moonlight, formerly called Limelight, a game streaming app that has been available on the Fire TV for over a year. With Remotr, you install their streamer program on your Windows 7 or newer PC to access the games installed through a Fire TV device. If your internet connection is robust enough, Remotr even claims to work outside of your home network over the internet. So, theoretically, you can pack a game controller and a Fire TV Stick for Windows gaming on the road. My gaming PC is currently out of commision, waiting on a new power supply, so I haven’t tried the app myself. Let us all know in the comments how it performs if you end up giving it a try.

  1. NateGG says:

    I never knew this or the other app you mentioned existed.

    thanks for the info.

  2. Rincewind says:

    … nice feature: You can stream your Windows Desktop to the fire-tv remotr reciever.

  3. toptrumps says:

    I’d try it if I could get a third party controller to work. No luck with Xbox 360 or ouya controller

  4. comtom says:

    it works with an xbox 360 controller connected to firetv. Latency is quite low, but overall quality image is very poor (even in “best quality” setting)

  5. Ryan Borders says:

    No luck with fire TV controller yet, I can move a mouse with joystick and click with triggers, but button mapping is nonexistent. Video OK over WiFi.

  6. 彭勃 says:


  7. ghgfh says:

    Thanks great article

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