Remote Mouse app released for Fire TV & Fire TV Stick


A new app called Remote Mouse for Fire TV has just been released for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Once installed on both your Fire TV and Android phone, the app allows you to use your phone to control your Fire TV in a number of ways.

Similar to the official Fire TV Remote App, this new app allows you to control media playback, use a directional pad for navigation, and enter text on your Fire TV using your smartphones keyboard. The apps killer feature, however, is its ability to act as a virtual mouse for the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

When placed in mouse mode, the app turns your Android device into a giant touchpad for your Fire TV. This mode is especially useful for navigating sideloaded apps not designed to work with the Fire TV’s remote.

The app is $0.99 in the Amazon Appstore and must be installed on both your Fire TV/Fire TV Stick and Android smartphone to work. The good news is the app is universal which means you can use the same app on both devices, so you only have to buy it once.


The app developer has chimed in, in the comments below, to say that an iOS app is in the works.

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  1. Bruce says:

    I wonder if the developer will port this app to IOS. Then I could see if the DISH Anywhere app will work on my Fire TV Stick.

    • Skippy says:

      I have the Dish Anywhere app working with my FTV Stick. I had to use an older version, but it works fine. I already had a BT keyboard and loaded the standard android settings.apk in order for that to work.

      • mario says:

        I read your comment that said you installed DishAnywhere on the FTV Stick. I have been trying with no success. Would you please tell me how you did it or a link on how it is done.

        Thank you , Mario

      • Bob says:


        Could you tell me the version number of the setting.APK ? Also any link to it would be appreciated.

        I installed one but it does not have the search function at the top right side.

        Think I have 4.0.4



  2. JRH says:

    App is not compatible with tablets …. :-(

    • purple lady says:

      According to Amazon it’s compatible with my Nexus 7, my Kindle Fire HDX 7 and even my eink tablet the Boyue T62.

    • Monty says:

      Hmm try this again. I installed it on my 3 tablets as well as my two phones via the Amazon app. It was a little weird that I didnt see it in the ‘My Apps’->Cloud list (at least where I expected it to be). I searched for Mouse, and it showed up in the results list and I was able to install.. It all works fine.

    • Rodrigo says:

      It worked for me on my Ipad Air 2. I had to buy it despite saying it was free

    • Jamila says:

      Look for “Mouse Toggle” in the google play store that’s the equivalent to it. I have a friend that has an android tablet and we downloaded it and it syncs with this one on the FireStick.

  3. Jonny says:

    would love to see someone develop an app that simply uses the existing hardware remote as a mouse (e.g. after pressing some button combo it puts it in mouse mode). using a phone app is nice, but a bit cumbersome

  4. Andy Martin says:

    There is another app on Google Play that is a virtual mouse and keyboard that I have been using. Only have to have it installed on phone or tables.

    Wukong TV Romote Control

    • TheCodingDutchman says:

      Wukong actually installs a “helper” app on the AFTV in order to work, so technically this is incorrect. I believe it uses ADB (similar to AGK Fire) to perform this install, so installing the the helper app to the AFTV fails on some devices. AGK Fire included the ADB binary with the “Motorola” version available on his XDA thread.

      If the “Remote Mouse for FireTV” dev is watching this thread, s/he might want to consider adding the “Install to” feature to the app in a future release. Might even be able to sell it on the Play Store then and support more devices than just the FireTV.

      • tuxen says:

        The same is true for this app. Read the description properly:

        “The app is $0.99 in the Amazon Appstore and must be installed on both your Fire TV/Fire TV Stick and Android smartphone to work. The good news is the app is universal which means you can use the same app on both devices, so you only have to buy it once”

      • Maggie says:

        Hi, there.
        I am Maggie from Wukong Remote Group.
        First, thanks so much for your attentions on Wukong app.
        Actually, we have been working hard to provide a better app than before.

        Do you mind that leave a email address or your Facebook for future discussion about remote controller?

  5. Joe says:

    Great to see – I need this for iOS!

  6. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    I currently own 2 FireTV Sticks and one FireTV BOX, and unfortunatelly this remote APP only has worked for me on my two FireTV- Sticks.

    I don’t know why, but my FireTV BOX is not recognized by this APP… I already has tryed using “Refresh” or “Find” without any success!

    Curiously the “Wukon-Remote” APP works flawlessly, but the Fire-Remote (from Amazon) sometimes has recognized and other times don’t some of my 3 FireTV devices…

    Does any one has noticed that this Remote APP only works on the FireTV-Stick and Not on the FireTV BOX?

  7. androidtouchdev says:

    Hi Ulises, I’m the developer of this app. I have both the Fire TV and a Fire TV Stick but can’t recreate this issue yet. If you could send a quick email to androidtouchdev [at] with additional details I’d appreciate it.

    Regarding the previous comments about an iOS version: It’s in progress so it’ll be available very soon.


    • Red Indian says:

      Great to header an iOS version is coming!

      Quick question:

      Do iOS users have to buy both the Android (for side loading) and iOS app?

    • CapIce says:

      Hi androidtouchdev

      I was wondering if you had the chance to finish the iOS version fo your app.


    • baledia30 says:

      I just installed this app and finally got it working, however, the mouse or pointer won’t go below the halfway point on my TV screen. This means I cannot access content where there is no scrolling available on a given page. Please help.

  8. Joe says:

    Does the DishWorld app work on Amazon Fire TV/Stick after sideloading?

  9. LoneAce says:

    Okay… missing something here… how do you click the mouse?

  10. LoneAce says:

    Not Working with TWC App. TWC App requires ADB Debugging off, Remote Mouse requires ADB Debugging on…

    • mpm says:

      Same result at LoneAce, can’t use TWC app which is what I bought the app for.

      • androidtouchdev says:

        Sorry for any issues. I wasn’t aware there where any apps that care if ADB is enabled as I’ve never heard of this previously. I’ll make a note of this in the apps help page that will be included in the next update.

    • :D says:

      there is a modified TWCTV on xda that removes all the restrictions

  11. John says:

    Another nice feature on the app is the Apps option from the menu. Takes you straight to Settings…Applications…Manage Applications.

    Saves time when launching your sideloaded apps.

    • androidtouchdev says:

      Thank you for the tip on the apps menu option. I’m working on an update and it’ll include a much needed help page. So another tip: You can also long press the ‘home’ button to view a recent app list(shows recently used sideloaded apps too).


  12. Starnn55 says:

    Does the app allow touchscreen “swipe” functionality? I’ve used a couple of book apps and I can’t turn pages with the wkremote or fire stick remote.

  13. LoneAce says:

    :D – Thanks for the heads up on the app. Modified TWC app and Remote Mouse for Fire TV works.

    The Remote Mouse for Fire TV developer has been very helpful as well. I recommend this app to all…

  14. Joao says:

    Is there some kind of regional restriction for this app?

    I bought it and it installed just fine on the Fire TV, but I can’t seem to install it on my phone.

    Any ideas? Wukong works fine, but the chinese text creeps me out…

    • androidtouchdev says:

      Hi Joao, There aren’t any restrictions but if you still can’t get it installed on your phone please send a quick email to: androidtouchdev [at] and I’ll help you out.

      • João says:

        Thank you! It was probably a glitch with Amazon’s servers, because the app now shows on my mobile devices. I’ll try it out tonight!

  15. edrebber says:


    My IOS devices can’t be upgraded to IOS 7. Is it possible to make this app compatible with IOS 5 & 6?

  16. DR says:

    Hi #androidtouchdev,
    I couldn’t find this app from Google play store, to install on my phone. Please advise.


  17. TechCrusader says:

    I’m a bit upset. One of the few apps that I thought was worth paying for turns out to be one of those “hit or miss” (at least from the reviews I’ve read on amazon). I’ve done what I believe was every method in getting the app to recognize my Fire TV. None have been successful. The Fire TV Remote app from Amazon works just fine, as well as Wukong Remote app.

    This app however, is returning “0” for device search under the “Change Device” section. I even followed the methods posted on amazon that seemed to have work for others, still no luck.

    May I please have some assistance? If it helps to know, I’m running the latest custom software by Rbox.

    • androidtouchdev says:

      I’m working on this right now so I hope to have this resolved asap. If you could email me at androidtouchdev [at] I’d appreciate it.

  18. Gerhard says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for the IOS version, because my wife wants her Galaxy back . . . How is it coming along.

  19. David E says:

    It’s nice and clean but there are a few mousy things it doesn’t seem to do, as far as I can tell:

    – swipe to scroll
    – long press
    – drag and drop

    I don’t need those things often, but support for those would keep me from having to plug in a real mouse to do occasional tasks like dragging icons between Nova Launcher screens.

    • David E says:

      Otherwise it is a pleasure to use, didn’t mean to come of negative. It’s not an eyesore like the admittedly more powerful Limitless Remote.

  20. David E says:

    Just noticed something yesterday. On my little Samsung Galaxy S Blaze, the mouse mode has directional scroll hotspots which are not present on my Moto G 2nd generation. I thought this meant there might be a new version, but did not see any updates and I don’t see any settings for this.

  21. Benny Gelbendorf says:

    Works just fine.
    Although in some app I have to swithc between the mouse and stick functionality on and off.
    Can’t wait for the iOS version.

  22. Bob says:

    I was happily surprised to see that this app was available for my Windows Phone. Please add this info to the post AFTV News :) Thank you dev, I immediately purchased the AFTV app to support your work on WP!

  23. firetvman234 says:

    Creator, can you put the app on the playstore please?

  24. Jorge says:

    When will this come to the Iphone / iOS???

  25. jit says:

    Can anyone recommend a free mouse app for Fire TV that works with a web browser like UCBrowser HD?

  26. Daniel says:

    I have downloaded this to my AFTV but can not find the app in google play store.

    I have an LG G2 running android – how can i install this app?

    Am i just being stupid?

    Please help.


  27. Daniel says:

    ok figured it out – you need to download the amazon app store from their website not from google play.

    to the developer – would be good if you can get this into the google play store as well. I am sure there are many less Tech savvy users that will struggle like i did.


  28. Raid says:

    Will this app work if my fire TV box is connected via Ethernet cable and my phone is on WiFi plz and would I need root plz thanks

  29. Anil Dsouza says:

    Note to developer. The space button on Virtual Keyboard from the App does not work, when typing text.

    What should be done. It is frustrating.

  30. Calprainn says:

    Is the iOS app still in development? From January to March is more then ‘very soon’… ;-P

    Or is there a alternative iOS app to simulate/remote the mouse on Fire TV?

  31. lMike says:

    Can this App also work on other Android Box?
    (if i buy it from Amazon on both devices, the Phone and Box).
    And, is the same App acting as Remote Controll on Device1 and as Reciever (Server) on Device2?
    Or is there a second App (as Reciever/Server) needed/available?

    I nave RK Remote Control App on my Minix Android Box (preinstalled), but i want to try this becouse the UI looks nice.

  32. Srini says:

    I bought this remote mouse for fire tv app from amazon play store and installed in both my fire TV and my Android phone (Android 5.1, moto X 2014). I am able to see the mouse pointer in the TV Screen but I am unable to click. I have tried touching the touch pad, touch and press, etc. But no luck. Can any one help or instruct me how to click when using mouse pointer with this app? Am I doing anything wrong or is it incompatible with certain Android versions / phones?

  33. Jan says:

    restarting fire tv stick fixed my issue

  34. de says:

    downloaded the app from amazon and installed on android phone. Recognises my fire tv stick but unable to install app from amazon app store to fire tv stick via smart tv – advises install pending and then disappears and returns back to home page! reviews read advised required to download on phone and firetv stick to allow fully operational.

  35. Ron says:

    How does one use the swipe with this app?

    I’ve sideloaded TempleRun2 on my Fire Tv Stick, actually runs and looks amazing, but I have no way to swipe :(

  36. JulieR says:

    I can only see the mouse pointer, but cannot click anything. I’ve tried my Android phone and my tablet. Please help or I just wasted my money trying something and got scammed! Ugh!

  37. JulieR says:

    I need to change my previous comment. It appears to be working now, but you have to tap the screen multiple times. I haven’t figured out why it works sometimes and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. I’m not sure if there is a trick to it or not, but I’ll keep trying to work with it.

  38. Michael Doherty says:

    Mine wouldn’t click. My phone needs 5 taps then OK.

  39. logan says:

    How do you configure sensitivity settings??????

  40. Taylor says:

    Does this application work with firestick games ? Any info appreciated, thank you!!

  41. David T says:

    DID NOT WORK! I want my $1.99 back. I couldn’t get it to do anything.

  42. marilyn murfitt says:

    Having trouble syncing the remote control app to the firestick. Tv saying latest version of remote is 1.19 and we can find an update for it

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