Reminder to cancel your Prime Video Channel subscriptions from Prime Day if you don’t want to pay more than $0.99/month

During Prime Day last month, Amazon was offering several Prime Video Channel subscriptions for $0.99 per month for 2 months. If you took advantage of the deal with the intention of canceling your subscription before the regular price kicks in during the 3rd month, you should cancel your subscription now. By now, your 2nd month for $0.99 should have started. If so, you can cancel the subscription now and continue watching for the entire remainder of your 2nd month. Your access to the content will not be cut off until the end of the 2nd month period, which should be around mid-December, even if you cancel the subscription today. You can cancel a Prime Video Channel subscription through this page in just a few clicks.

One comment
  1. Zeric says:

    Thanks for the reminder and the link to cancel it. I don’t mind $1/month, but full price is too expensive.

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