Refurbished Fire Phone available for $110 w/ 1 Year of Prime membership [Expired]


Just when you thought the Amazon Fire Phone couldn’t get any less expensive, a new deal pops up. A reputable eBay seller has just listed Refurbished Amazon Fire Phones for the staggeringly low price of $109.99. That price is so impressive because the phone still comes with 1 full year of Prime membership. With Prime costing $99, that essentially makes the phone just $11. Existing Prime members who purchase this phone will have their membership extended by one year, so they still get the full benefit. The phones are locked to AT&T but come with unlock codes so that you can use them with any supporting carrier.

  1. hdmkv says:

    Wow! Got this for $150 w/1 year Prime & thought that was a great deal. Hope Amazon doesn’t completely abandon Fire Phone; would be nice to have FireOS OS5 at least.

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Apparently there will be a Fire OS 5 update for the Amazon-Fire-Phone!

      A Fire-Phone user in the Forum.XDA posted a part of a chat with one of the Fire phone support agent:

      02:23 AM PDT me: Are you aware if we will be getting the Fire OS 5 “Bellini” for fire phone?
      02:25 AM PDT me: Abhishek?
      02:27 AM PDT Abhishek: I am sorry, I lost the connection.
      I am checking this.
      02:28 AM PDT Abhishek: Yes, you will.
      02:28 AM PDT me: is there a specific time frame?
      02:28 AM PDT Abhishek: Yes
      02:28 AM PDT me: expected date ? when is it ?
      02:29 AM PDT me: surprise me
      02:30 AM PDT Abhishek: Mohammad this you will be inform by the email once this will be available.

      • Ulises Rodriguez says:

        However Just a few minutes later, SuperT.A has posted the following bad reply he got from amazon, supposedly directly from Jeff Bezos:

        This is the reply I got from Amazon:

        “I’m Darren Bafus of’s Executive Customer Relations. Jeff Bezos received your e-mail and asked me to respond on his behalf. 
        At this time we haven’t announced any specific plans on updating the Fire Phone to our new OS 5. Any announcements along these lines would be made on our website, particularly the software update Help page for the Fire Phone ( 
        Best regards, 
        Darren P. Bafus”

        Now I really do not know who to believe, because to some users, amazon has replied that they will launch the New FireOS-5 for the Fire-Phone, and to others tells that they have not decided, so they can not give us any news about this issue yet !!

  2. juanpa says:

    Does anybody know if this is valid also for Prime in the UK or will just extend Prime in the USA?

    • juanpa says:

      reply to myself.
      I guess as they never sold the phone in the UK, the Prime offer would only work in USA. Also my user is the sameone in both countries so as I register the phone it will automatically create a Prime in the USA.

  3. cheryl jones says:

    thanks got it.

  4. pmcd says:

    Just got it. Also got the new one for $125 a week or so ago. Just to be clear, could someone list how you get the extra year of prime? Is it

    1- charge phone
    2- log into my account at Amazon via WiFi (not on carriers)
    3- register phone somehow?

    Have always only bought them direct from Amazon so the extension of Prime was automatic. Just a bit confused.

    Also, to unlock the phone do I need to place a SIM card in the phone?

    • natebetween says:

      Yes…you just fire the phone up (pun intended), put in your Amazon login info, and the year of prime will be added to your account. Then all you have to do is de-register the phone from the Amazon website. I follow with a factory reset on the phone after, just to be completely thorough. Takes only a few minutes total.

  5. juanpa says:

    Do you have a limited time to use the Prime extension code or can you wait till the moment of renewal?

  6. Keith says:

    At what point will this phone be offered for less than the cost of a prime membership?
    I felt like I got a once in a lifetime deal when I bought this in July but it keeps going down.
    No complaints.For the price it runs CM 11 great. I just think about how badly amazon bombed with this… You’d think if they had even sold a small amount of phones after initial release they’d be gone by now with all the ridiculously low sale prices.

  7. juanpa says:

    I was just on a chat session with Amazon customer service. My enquire was about what happens if you have a Student Prime account…
    According to amazon representative they no longer offer the Amazon Prime year extension even for existing standard Prime users.
    This is a transcript of what he said as part of the conversation:

    Me: For a student Prime account.How does it work the free year of Prime

    Amazon: I have checked the policy and confirmed that if you have an existing Prime/Student Prime, you will not receive a Free Prime anymore.

    Me: Even if you have a regular Prime?
    I know Amazon is no longer selling them but there is a reseller of some reputation on ebay.…(See full link)
    I know it is a third party reseller but he claims they come with a free year of Prime.

    Amazon: Yes, i did checked the link and i am uncertain if that will apply.

    Me: I guess loads of people are going to be disappointed with his claim
    One last thing Previously.. what was the policy with student account?

    Amazon: That is correct. I do not have all the tools for Student Prime though but as i can see here, if you have a Student Prime already, you will not be able to take advantage of the free one year Prime/Student Prime comes with the Fire phone.

    I wonder if they truly have started to block the Prime year for Prime members already with new registrations of Fire phones.
    Can anybody confirm they are still getting the Prime extension with this last batch of Fire phones?

  8. eli says:

    I don’t know if anybody will see this since it’s an old thread, but thought I’d update my recent experience buying one of these phones off of ebay, just in case anybody else is still considering it. I considered buying this refurbished one, but opted to spend a little more and get a new 64gb version from the same seller. It arrived Sept 30, but when I activated it I didn’t receive the prime extension. I’ve talked to Amazon customer support a few times (via “mayday”) and they all seem to think I should have gotten the prime but didn’t have the ability to add it themselves (some tried harder than others). Two of them said I had to contact the retailer, which I did. According the guy I spoke with, and this follow up email (below), Amazon pulled the plug on the deal. Unfortunately without the prime I don’t think the phone is worth it.

    email from qualitycellz:

    Dear Customer
    As of Sep 30th, Amazon has pulled the plugged on Prime on device sold by vendors other than AT&T or Amazon. This promotion is still on the Amazon and AT&T website, and is not limited to any period of time, or to sales done by AT&T or Amazon, however despite our efforts to convey this matter to Amazon, they have been uncooperative. This has really grieved and disappointed us as we have sold thousands of these phones without this problem, and our shoppers have not only saved over 50% compared to what Amazon has tried to sell this device for, but as well have successfully activated prime membership with their devices. Amazon done this with no notice to anyone and sadly this was not foreseeable or expected and is an issue beyond our control.
    We have started a petition to urge Amazon to honor the prime membership promotion. We would greatly appreciate if you would take a moment to review our petition and if you agree with it we’d greatly appreciate if you’d consider signing the petition.

    We care about our clients and we would like to extend a resolution to help with regards to your order. We are offering the following options to remedy the situation:
    1. You keep the item and we will offer a 20% discount on your purchase
    2. You may return the device for a full refund, and we will issue you a prepaid return label to return the device prepaid for a full refund.
    3. If you opened a request and would like the partial refund please close your return request and email us through eBay. Please be patient with as we work with our shoppers individually to ensure we address all your individual concerns.
    We sincerely hope that you accept our apologies, and we hope that you will allow us an opportunity to attain your satisfaction.

    Customer Support Specialist

  9. juan says:

    It would be great if Elias would publish an entry about how amazon in a dishonest move stopped honoring suddenly the Prime year with their Fire phones. I think Elias should write it since the reason I bought one is because I saw this post in his blog. Should link to the petition too. There are lots of annoyed customers. I have been an Amazon customer for 10 years. Prime member for the last 5. Just because some people were abusing the system not all should be penalized. I feel really bad for the ebay seller.

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