Redesigned Echo Dot mount perfects the minimalistic hanging holder

Last year I wrote about a new wall mount for the Amazon Echo Dot that cleverly hung the smart speaker from its power adapter. The creator has just released an updated version of the wall mount, called The Essential Mount, that quite possibly perfects the hanging holder style. The new design is sleeker and more compact than it’s predecessor. It also now allows you to mount the Echo Dot in any direction, depending on your outlet’s orientation. It improves on the first design in multiple ways and yet is also significantly cheaper at $7.99 for one or $14.99 for a pair. The mount includes a custom short USB cable, so you just need to provide the Echo Dot and its stock power adapter.

  1. Matt Fletcher says:

    Hope they release a UK version soon.

  2. Charlie says:

    Problem I see is that most people have their power receptacles low to the floor and that’s not good for wireless. Otherwise it’s an interesting idea. Still would need, in my opinion, to plug in a surge protector first.

  3. Michael says:

    The Dot Genie you reviewed appears to be more minimal in design and doesn’t require the Dot to be above or below the outlet. Yes this one is cheaper, but the Dot Genie is more compact, and even provides it’s own plug so there is no adapter sticking out of the wall, just the Dot.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yeah, I probably should have been clearer that I meant this seems to be the best design for hanging the Echo Dot off of its own power adapter. Not the most minimalistic overall. I’d say the Spot USB Outlet Cover Plate wins at being the most minimalistic. The Deluxe Mount, which is the one you’re referring to, does make things more vertically compact, but it sticks out from the wall farther because it tucks the power adapter behind the Echo Dot. I personally prefer this new version for its flushness to the wall, but there are advantages to both designs.

      • Michael says:

        That product looks amazing. If I had a cover plate with USB i’d go for it. I think I’ll buy the regular version this weekend. They’ve been out of stock for awhile. I’ve tested my Dot at the vertical position and it seems there is more sound out of it that way too. Thanks for the great site. Will order from your links to help out.

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