Amazon Fire TV Custom Recovery


This page has not been updated since before Fire OS 5 was released. I’m planning to overhaul this page in the near future with information on the newer updates.

Custom Recovery replaces the software on the Amazon Fire TV that handles updates and factory resets. Installing a custom recovery allows you to, among other things, install custom ROMs which are not created by Amazon. For instructions, see my guide on how to install a custom recovery.

ClockworkMod Custom Recovery by rbox

  • Requires bootloader to be unlocked to install
  • Remote control utility added back.
  • md5sum: 67b1a13b7bec645cb9291e80478d4635
  • Requires bootloader to be unlocked to install
  • Added ext4 external usb support. (Usefully for those who use a USB drive as their internal storage.)
  • Removed kernel patching. (That means that you MUST first unlock your Fire TV bootloader in order to install ClockworkMod or newer.)
  • The utility which allows you to remotely control ClockworkMod was accidentally removed in this version. You should not install this version, and instead install the version.
  • md5sum: 9ba1ee7a914fad9e9c5509db4677e3e9
  • Added adjustable overscan
  • Added ability to flash custom kernels
  • Enabled vi in busybox
  • md5sum: 4984a2ae6489422298557d32cd2386b7
  • Print the current IP address on start
  • Disable automatic flashing
  • Disable install-recovery warning
  • Don’t show unmountable NTFS partitions
  • md5sum: ae21891b4fd1e58c513ae5cdd09f4d93
  • Fixed USB storage behind a hub
  • md5sum: bd490fd43f287b7ea01a6cc9d00b2232
  • Fixed USB storage
  • Enabled overscan
  • adb sideload over network
  • Larger font
  • md5sum: f82eccfd3638909f02eea1ca59e1b2a2
  • First Release
  • md5sum: 5c126edda9ea12696bebee7e368841e5

Created by rbox – See XDA forum post for details – Donate to rbox